Ryan Hoke, Founder and President & James Diffenderfer, Sr. Sales Manager & Abby John, HR Manager, The Exterior Company (TEC)
Ryan Hoke, Founder and President & James Diffenderfer, Sr. Sales Manager & Abby John, HR Manager Everyone has gone to your typical company holiday party with sheet cake and styrofoam cups just to endure the soul-sucking conversations with colleagues who share one common ground, the desire to get out of the cramped break room ASAP! After interviewing The Exterior Company, we found not only is their culture an exception to the rule, but their professionalism and processes are rare combinations you simply cannot find anymore in the roofing industry. How thrilled would you be if you found out your company is flying you to another state to attend an all-paid Spring Kickoff Party? Fine wine, craft beer, band performance, and hand-rolled cigars—the celebration beams with excitement and cheer.

For many working individuals, this would be reminiscent of the good old days or perhaps a college reunion party or a backyard party that your best friend is having this weekend. But for anyone working with “The Exterior Company (TEC),”a renowned Lancaster-based roofing contractor, it's more like an annual event, a tradition to embrace the “work hard, play hard” mentality. “How you do one thing is how you do everything, so whether we are putting on a roof or hosting an event for our team, we will NOT take any shortcuts when motivating and boosting our team's morale,” states Ryan Hoke, Founder, and President at The Exterior Company. TEC offers residential and commercial roofing and siding services and specializes in all types of roofs, including asphalt, TPO, flat, slate, shake, and metal roofs.

Over the years, TEC has become the go-to roofer for homeowners looking to replace their roofs. The company provides quality repairs, replacements, and new installations for all residential and commercial roofs, as well as other roofing renovation and restoration services throughout the exterior of the homes. TEC not only chooses the right materials but also delivers projects on time and within budget while providing the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

The Exterior Company (TEC) : Expert Roofing Repair and Replacement Contractor

bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price

All of TECs premium roofing services are rendered by a high-performance team that is fully equipped to respond to emergency needs.

Hoke attributes TECs strength and success to its hardworking team members, such as project managers and office staff that work harder than anyone else out there, putting in long hours, and helping homeowners and companies repair and replace their roofs all up and down the East Coast. As such, TEC leaves no stones unturned to ensure that its employees are not just working but having fun too and not feeling overworked or underappreciated. “A great business is built by great people. So, we are always trying to attract and retain the best people in our industry and invest our time and energy in ensuring their success,” asserts Hoke. The company follows a rigorous recruiting system to scrutinize the right character traits among potential candidates and hire individuals who are trustworthy and resonate with the company culture through a world-class HR department administered by Abby John. “At the end of the day, it’s our job to set the employees up for success with the training and tools needed in order to do the job well,” notes Abby.

Moreover, TEC recognizes hard work by offering the best compensation plans and health benefits to its employees. The company is highly focused on creating a positive company culture that embraces integrity, dedication, and professionalism while nurturing an environment of compassion and gratitude. To make the experience even more rewarding, the company recognizes the top performers and takes them to a “Presidential Club Trip.” TEC offers such employees and their spouses an all-expense-paid trip to various places, including Vegas, Miami, and more. Due to its incredible work culture, TEC has been named one of the Best Places to Work in PA consecutively for the past four years. Also, TEC has also been recognized as a leading company on the annual list of Inc 5000s Americas Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies for the last five years. “It’s no wonder we were ranked the fifth-fastest-growing construction company on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list,”mentions James Diffenderfer, TEC's Sr. Sales Manager.

TEC has established a strong digital footprint with nearly 800+ Google reviews (4.7 ratings) and over 500 Facebook reviews. The feedback and reviews are a testament to TECs quality of service. Moreover, TEC hired GuildQuality, a third-party company renowned for conducting impartial customer satisfaction surveys that allow homeowners to rate their contractors in all sorts of categories, including professionalism, quality of materials, quality of workmanship, schedule, and more. Currently, TEC has a stellar 92 percent GuildQuality rating. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price,” concludes Hoke.