Andy Berube, VP of Sales and Marketing, Stack Modular
Andy Berube, VP of Sales and Marketing Construction firms face many challenges today; rising costs for land and on-site construction, labor shortages, and supply chain complexities. Modular construction approach is one way to streamline the issues. It can cut housing construction and labor costs in half. But modular construction is only part of the solution. The best outcome come from combining it with traditional on-site construction, mainly for the strong foundation conventional methods provide.

Stack Modular, a leading manufacturer of large-scale, steel frame modular construction projects, facilitates this in partnership with Bird Construction, one of Canada’s largest general contractors (GC). Leveraging the on-site construction expertise of Bird, Stack Modular builds resilient modular construction projects, from multifamily and senior housing to hospitality and even correctional facilities.

“We are one of the first, if not the first, in North America to offer a turnkey modular construction solution under one roof. Our synergy with Bird lets us deliver an end-to-end solution, including design, planning, project management, and finishing touches like FF&E all aimed at improving the current state of construction projects,” says Andy Berube, VP of Sales and Marketing at Stack Modular.

Stack Modular: A Facilitator in Turnkey Modular Project Delivery

Stack kickstarts every client conversation by sitting down with all stakeholders - developers, engineers, and designers to discuss the 5W’s and 1H of the construction process. Stack begins with the design process after gaining a clear picture of the requirements. It ensures the design is value-engineered for an efficient end-to-end modular process. This includes the combination of conventional and modular aspects of the construction process. Stack also sets up a scope delineation between the GC and factory that allows the combination of both budgets, giving clients a budget free of redundancy.
  • We Understand the Importants of Educating Key Stakeholders on The Benefits of Modular Construction and we are Focused on Doing Just that

Post-design, Stack sources cost-effective and quality steel to construct the modules. Each step of material installation is documented, with clients receiving real-time reports as each unit is produced for their project. Utilizing its global network of freight forwarders and logistics partners, Stack takes care of shipping modules to the construction site. Once the modules are on site, progress is rapid, with an average of eight modules placed every day. Once set and waterproofed, Stack connects the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, finishes module seams, and completes all exterior finishes.
In a recent instance, Stack handled the build of a 55,000-square-foot, 93-suite hotel and conference center in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Bird was the partner and general contractor, that site built the first-floor, while Stack fabricated the modules in their factory.

We are one of the First, if not the First, in North America to offer a Turnkey Modular Construction Solution Under one Roof

Stack arranged for furniture, fixtures, artwork and equipment to fully furnish the suites to be shipped from Shanghai, through the Panama Canal to reach the east coast of North America, and then transported to Iqaluit in Canada. As a result of the combination of the best of conventional and modular construction, the project was named Modular Hotel of the Year in 2021.

Stack is now significantly focusing on educating the key stakeholders in the construction landscape on the benefits of on-site/off-site construction. With a busy pipeline and rising demand from developers to improve the current construction state, Stack Modular is at the helm of bringing forth a new era in modular construction.