Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah AO, President and Founder, Shandong Sunway Steel Building
Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah AO, President and Founder When our ancestors combined iron and carbon four thousand years ago, little did they know that the fortuitous amalgamation of the two would be the beginning of the remarkable industrial development that humankind would achieve centuries later. Today, steel massively influences our lives – it’s a substantial part of the vehicles we ride, buildings we work in, homes we live in, etc. From world-renowned skyscrapers to grand bridges, steel is widely used due to its adaptability, flexibility, and durability – several developed economies laid their foundations on the inherent use of steel. Like other industries, the steel building firmament has witnessed immense growth in the past few decades, driven by new technologies. Players in APAC’s steel building arena has well known for their commitment to developing the strongest and most versatile steel. Amongst the plethora of companies, one name that cuts through the noise is Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd. (NEEQ:832621).

Sunway has a team of seasoned engineers, quality assurance, and quality control specialists who guarantee the delivery of steelworks of the highest caliber

A Vibrant Legacy of Excellence and Quality

Located in Tengzhou, Shandong, China, Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd is a steel structure manufacturing specialist that supplies over eighty thousand tons of steel products every year. With two factories covering a seventy thousand square meters area, the company provides a wide range of steelworks ready for erection on sites. In 2019 alone, Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co. did fifty million USD business, with fifty percent exports to North America, Oceania, and Europe.

The company collaborates with general contractors, business & building owners, and distributors, providing steel buildings, solar tracker structures, power plant structures, conveyor trusses, cooling equipment, and steel bridges.

Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd.Fabricating Steel For The Future

Sunway also houses laser cutting, CNC cutting, CNC sawing, automatic CNC multi-axis drilling, hydraulic press, and electro slag welding machines, rendering its client a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing services. As a CE & ISO certified manufacturer, Sunway has a team of seasoned engineers, quality assurance, and quality control specialists who guarantee the delivery of steelworks of the highest caliber.
  • Shandong Sunway Steel Building is truly paving the way for innovation in APAC’s construction domain

A Behemoth in APAC’s Steel Building Arena

Sunway offers easy to assemble and disassemble steelworks geared around high levels of performance and reliability. Made with corrugated steel, these structures are waterproof, fireproof, lightweight, and aesthetic. Sunway also offers a myriad of designs, which can be customized as per customers’ requirements, enabling them to ensure the best quality for their steel structures. Shandong Sunway Steel Building has a complete production facility for main structures, secondary structures, purlin, structural accessories, and non-standard metal parts. For qualification, the company has a grade A qualification for steel structure engineering design and a Class-I qualification for construction. Sunway also leverages Tekla software, ERP solutions, and the latest engineering design softwares to ensure that it stays abreast of the latest technological advancements and integrates them into its routine operations. In addition to its manufacturing services, Sunway is also globally acknowledged for its project construction services that consolidate its position as an industry leader in APAC’s steel building sector.

Project Construction and Management Connoisseur

Under the able leadership of founder and President Weisheng Yang, Sunway has grown and specialized in the area of technical system principles.
With over twenty senior project managers and registered constructors, the company offers its project construction services while ensuring better quality control, operational safety, and environmental sustainability. With its proven track record of high performance, Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd. has won the title of provincial and municipal work safety unit on several occasions.

Sunway vies with the concept of people-centric, scientific, and safe development. During to course of its projects, the company adheres to its corporate and social responsibilities, establishes dedicated departments to examine potential safety hazards, ensures safety foundations, and abides by legal provisions and supervising laws. Sunway conducts special business management and combines cross and interface operations, achieving conscientious and responsible production. The company has also perfected and established a highly efficient and improved production mechanism that ensures very high levels of operational efficiency, product reliability, and repeatability. As part of its latest endeavors, Sunway has undertaken and participated in the comprehensive building of the Tengzhou ring overpass, Tengzhou True-Love shopping mall, Shandong Provincial Construction Department, No.5 and No.6 residential buildings of Jinan Kaixuan new town, the office building of Zaokuang group, Mauritian airport, and parking building of Guangzhou Reconstruction company. With its long-standing expertise in integrity management and drive to consistently deliver beyond clients’ expectations, Sunway has garnered the appreciation of several of its partners. With its vision to transform the region’s steel building sector, Shandong Sunway Steel Building is truly paving the way for innovation in APAC’s construction domain. As the world glimpses the dawn of China’s construction industry, it is evident that Sunway will remain at the forefront of development and inspire other players to create contemporary products to cater to modern-day challenges.