Allison B. Murrell, Chief Information Officer, Quality Enterprises
Allison B. Murrell, Chief Information Officer Quality. Cost. Schedule.

These are the three major elements of any construction project; they provide the fundamental limits for a project and determine how it is delivered. Striking the right balance between the three is key to keeping a project on track and on budget, achieving true value for both the project and client. While there are numerous methods of contracting to achieve project success, an effective way is using the increasingly popular Design-Build construction approach.

The contract between the owner and the overall project team encourages collaboration and fosters the creation of better infrastructure. The Design- Build construction method completes a project faster and more cost-effectively than traditional building methods while maintaining an equal or higher level of quality. Today’s construction landscape is brimming with several Design-Build contractors that are helping customers bring their projects to completion faster.

Therefore, it is worth noting when a firm has been able to offer advanced construction technology and services, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency, for over 50 years now. Enter Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. (QE), a leading construction firm based in Southwest Florida that offers complete Design-Build capabilities and self-performs over 90 percent of each major civil, building, and specialized construction project. Celebrating over 52 years of service, QE prides itself on completing projects in both the private and public sectors on time, within budget, and at high levels of quality. Allison B. Murrell, QE’s chief information officer, says, “We do a little bit of everything. We primarily specialize in underground utility work but our services also expand to road construction, bridges, and aviation projects. That is how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.”

QE’s inception dates back to 1969, when Howard Murrell, Sr.—Allison’s grandfather—established Quality Electric Co., a small business focused on commercial electrical and residential renovations in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Slowly the business started to grow and in 1973, the firm expanded its expertise to petroleum-related services, including the replacement of fuel storage tanks at numerous service stations, and changed its name to Quality Engineering Company.Soon, Howard Murrell, Jr., came onboard and the company broadened its services from repair work and tank replacements to bidding on complete service stations.

Quality Enterprises : Building Quality Infrastructure to Provide Quality Lives

We do a little bit of everything. We primarily specialize in underground utility work, but our services also expand to road construction, bridges, and aviation projects. That is how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace

The firm’s fast-paced growth prompted the family business to break new grounds in Florida, and in the years that followed, Quality Engineering expanded its operations to include heavy civil, buildings, utility and mechanical piping installations, and asphalt and concrete paving. With its growing geographical presence and evolution of project experience, the company renamed to Quality Enterprises in 1995.

QE then broadened its scope of services to include underground utility and heavy civil work and found success in Collier County and the surrounding areas. It was because of this that the company decided to relocate its corporate office to Naples, FL. Fast-forward to today, and QE does everything, ranging from small local projects to larger, more complex Design-Builds. From the office to the field, QE prioritizes the use of advanced construction technology resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency. The firm has added Horizontal Directional Drilling, Crushing and Screening, and 3D asphalt paving to their scope of services, along with Volumetric Concrete Trucks to their fleet among other technological advancements to keep up with the growing demands in the construction industry.

Further, QE’s ability to self-perform allows for significant cost-savings, flexibility in scheduling, and adaptability to rapid project changes. “We have state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals, which enable us to handle your airport, highway, underground utility and bridge needs,” adds Allison. Another notable aspect of QE is their commitment to working alongside and partnering with customers. Bearing testament to this aspect is the firm’s current project at the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. Many of Florida’s airports, including the Sarasota Airport have large lakes for stormwater collection. However, this poses a problem as birds are often attracted to the water hindering safe aircraft operation. The project aims to dig deeper lakes on-site and install Gabion baskets, creating a maze for the water to flow through. By doing so, the lakes will be reduced in size and have a smaller footprint, thus attracting fewer birds. Additionally, the process allows for the water to be thoroughly cleaned before draining into the ocean, keeping other wildlife safe. QE’s scope of work on the project included digging two lakes about five feet deeper than initially designed, reusing the exported material to fill in three smaller ponds, sitewide underground utility installation, and rerouting the perimeter road, as well. QE also had only 21 days to perform the utility installation across an active runway. QE’s team not only met, but exceeded the tight time frame within two weeks while completing their complex scope of work.

These illustrated experiences make QE a perfect partner for organizations looking to build quality infrastructures. Today, QE continues to complete exceptional projects across the Southeast region and is always seeking new ways to expand its operations. At present, the firm is looking to broaden into sustainable market segments like solar and wind, offer additional services, and complete more federal works. On the geographical front, the firm is looking to grow all over the United States. “We are still evolving but haven’t lost sight of our mission: Building Quality infrastructure to provide Quality lives for our families, customers, and our community,” concludes Allison