Nathan Walker, SVP, Sales, Marketing, and Innovation, Knauf Insulation
Nathan Walker, SVP, Sales, Marketing, and Innovation Insulation plays a crucial role in enhancing a building’s energy efficiency, air quality, acoustic properties, and thermal performance. Whether it’s a residential, industrial, or commercial building, proper insulation goes a long way in enhancing comfort, protection, sustainability, and code compliance.

Since 1978, Knauf Insulation has been at the forefront of addressing the need for reliable insulation solutions in the U.S. “We are a leading, family-owned global manufacturer of fiberglass insulation products, delivering a full range of thermal and acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and OEM applications,” says Nathan Walker, the SVP of Sales, Marketing, and Innovation at Knauf Insulation. The company is known for delivering high-quality insulation products and its commitment to sustainability.

The cornerstone of Knauf Insulation was laid by two brothers—Karl Knauf and Dr. Alfons N. Knauf—who shared the same vision to deliver high-quality, eco-friendly building material solutions. From its humble beginnings as a small gypsum-processing unit in Germany back in 1932, the company has expanded and diversified as a global leader in the construction industry. Seeing an unmet need for reliable insulation solutions in the U.S., the Knauf family embraced the North American construction industry and gained a strong foothold in the U.S. construction business in the years that followed.

Since then, Knauf Insulation has pioneered several sustainable practices and has evolved into a fast-growing insulation solutions provider with six manufacturing facilities across the U.S. Today, the company specializes in developing and manufacturing purpose-built, sustainable, smart insulation solutions while remaining committed to conservation of the environment.

Disrupting the Industry for Good

“Our mission is to challenge the status quo and build insulation solutions that shape our lives, with care for the people who make them, use them, and the world we live in,” says Walker.

We’re a Leading, Family-Owned Global Manufacturer of Fiberglass Insulation Products, Delivering a Full Range of Thermal and Acoustic Solutions For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Oem Applications

Knauf Insulation’s proprietary ECOSE Technology® helps build a remarkably strong binder that bonds mineral wool insulation strands together, enhancing its products’ thermal, acoustic, fire performance, and mechanical properties.

Knauf Insulation: Building a New Paradigm in the Insulation Space

The comprehensive suite of products developed using this technology has no added formaldehyde and contains renewable bio-based materials rather than petroleum-based chemicals generally used in traditional solutions.

“The ECOSE Technology® makes our products less dusty and provides a much softer and friendlier feel while retaining their rigidity, stiffness, quality, and reliability,” adds Walker. As no chemicals are used in manufacturing, Knauf Insulation’s products improve the indoor air quality and make the job of installers more enjoyable. They can easily cut, shape, install, and fill these formaldehyde-free products inside wall cavities, water pipes, and HVAC, saving time and cost.

The ECOSE Technology® also provides the unique look to Knauf Insulation’s products with no added dyes, bleaches, or artificial colors. These capabilities, coupled with their availability in all standard sizes, make the company’s solutions a reliable choice for contractors—be it for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

Knauf Insulation’s commercial pipe insulation products are sought after for their durable jacketing solutions and wide range of accessories that make joint attachments easier, helping clients reduce labor, cost, and time.

Making a Difference with Customer-Backed Innovation

Knauf Insulation strives to build its business operations around the concept of customer-centricity. From manufacturing processes to customer service and product innovation, the company doesn’t desire just to meet, but to exceed, its clients’ expectations by providing exceptional customer experiences. Development of various digital tools, such as a customer portal, insulation calculator, and document builder have been completed to meet customer needs and help them succeed. The Knauf Academy also works closely with the customer base to develop personalized training and knowledge sharing opportunities.
  • The Ecose Technology® Makes our Products Less Dusty and Provides a Much Softer and Friendlier Feel While Retaining Their Rigidity, Stiffness, Quality, and Reliability

Knauf Insulation works closely with a customer council that comprises several distributors, installers, and contractors who frequently meet regularly to identify ways to improve their products and processes. By making installers a part of its quality audits, the company delves deep into its products’ attributes and constantly innovates its solutions to meet the evolving needs in the construction industry.
For instance, skilled labor shortages, supply constraints, and a tough inflationary environment are often weighing down contractors’ operations in the construction industry. Knauf Insulation’s easy-to-cut and install products take the lead in efficiently mitigating these challenges.

“We strive to ensure our insulation capabilities are miles ahead of the competition by leveraging our customer backed-innovation model,” mentions Walker. The company also has its innovation team out in the field, working directly with installers to further accelerate innovation and product improvement operations while maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners.

Knauf Insulation has meticulously selected industry experts to form an active architectural and specifications team that often works with leading architectural firms across North America to understand the major trends and needs of the market. Based on this information, the company designs market-leading products for installers and contractors, helping them meet the codes and other building requirements.

Creating a Unique Niche in the Construction Industry

Behind the success of Knauf Insulation is its diverse team, comprising former architects, contractors, and manufacturing and sales experts with extensive experience in the construction industry. They adhere to a collaborative work culture, which helps them push the boundaries to assist clients in meeting their project requirements and deadlines. When a customer’s operations came to a grinding halt due to some issues pertaining to logistics, Knauf Insulation’s sales team, in liaison with the factory employees and a transportation company, worked to ensure delivery of the products at the job site within 24 hours, helping the customer meet its deadline and complete the project on time.

Knauf Insulation aims to continue enhancing its products’ value proposition to serve the existing customers better and attract new clients from both residential and commercial markets. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer experiences, whether it’s assisting them with product performance, transactions, training, or post-sales engagements. By doing this, they intend to serve as a leader in the industry while improving their market reach through word of mouth and recommendations.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to improving the world, Knauf Insulation remains at the forefront of developing renewable fiberglass insulation solutions by keeping the notion of energy efficiency upfront.