John Briggs, CEO, and co-founder, Intract
John Briggs, CEO, and co-founder Intract Australia Pty Ltd is an indigenously owned and operated, Australia-based civil construction, building, maintenance, remediation, and demolition services provider. The firm is a remote and regional specialist capable of delivering projects in any environment. Intract is one of the largest private sector employers of indigenous personnel and is committed to providing growth opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Owing to McMohan Services’ minority share in Intract, the two companies collaborate and bring high quality services to their clients and upskilling and employment opportunities to the indigenous communities.

Intract self-delivers projects utilizing its resources as well as deliver collaborative arrangements with McMohan Services, who provide project managers, supervisors, and equipment for supporting the projects. The collaborative partnership between the two brands increases Intract’s capacity widens its resources portfolio, enabling it to deliver large-scale services for complex building infrastructure. Operating across sixteen locations in Australia, Intract offers comprehensive services that address its clients’ construction and demolition requirements.

Under its civil construction services umbrella, Intract offers full-service construction capabilities, delivering projects on greenfield sites, active brownfields, within large-scale intercity locations, and within UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites. The company is R1 certified with AusRoads’ National Prequalification System and has built road and earthwork networks in some of the toughest locations across Australia. Intract’s construction capabilities include bulk and detailed earthwork, concrete, pavements, and road constructions.

Intract: Indigenously-Owned and Operated Specialist of Construction and Demolition

It also offers underground services for potable water, fire mains, stormwater, electrical and communication networks. In addition to these, Intract also offers hard and soft landscaping services for street furniture, water features, and topsoiling, planting, and hydroseeding operations. Under its building construction portfolio, the company provides a wide range of services, including construction management, design, construction delivery, external and internal refurbishment, design, and construction of industrial facilities and high-security buildings. Owing to such comprehensive services, complemented with the skills of its seasoned employees, Intract has garnered deals on several high-profile, large-scale projects across Australia.

Australian government’s lead agency responsible for utilizing science and technology for the nation’s safety, Defence Science and Technology (DST), avails Intract’s services for improving the physical security and audio upgrade in its offices at Edinburgh. Intract examined and delivered its construction services across five of DST’s buildings, delivering over seven thousand work hours without incurring any safety or environmental accident. The project also achieved a 14 per cent participation from indigenous communities, providing them critical employment opportunities.

We have built a reputation for delivering transformative social and economic change and delivering high-quality integrated multi-tiered project solutions for clients across Australia

Intract is also engaged with McMohan Services for a project on the Tiwi Islands to complete the civil and concrete construction at the Melville Island bulk fuel facility. In this multifaceted project, Intract offered pre-mobilization and site establishment services along with civil preparation and works, detailed excavations, geotechnical testing, as well as subgrade treatments. Woven deep within its services is its vision to provide secure and long-term economic independence to indigenous communities, which is very well reflected in the company’s routine operations.

Intract is on a mission to provide effective and culturally aware employment and training possibilities within Australia’s construction industry, excelling in customer services and project delivery. “I am proud that we have built a reputation for delivering transformative social and economic change and delivering high-quality integrated multi-tiered project solutions for clients across Australia,” adds John Briggs, CEO, and co-founder of Intract. As it moves towards 2022, Intract looks forward to implementing novel ideas and remaining at the forefront of innovation, anticipating an increase in its white collar sector and self-delivery and integrated construction services.