David Neufeld Jr., President, Daves Roofing Siding & Metal Buildings
David Neufeld Jr., President Making the impossible possible is a rare talent, one that has made Dave’s Roofing, Siding & Metal Buildings the preferred contractor by people building their dream homes. A mission to better the city of Lubbock, Texas is led by David Neufeld Jr., President of the locally based Dave’s, a family-owned business focused on metal building construction.

Metal buildings are not just for large-scale commercial and industrial markets anymore. They are becoming a popular choice for residential buildings. Despite their versatility, modularity, and growing usability, residential customers often face issues with customizing metal buildings and have fewer standard layouts to choose from. One of the biggest pain points in the residential construction market is ensuring compliance with building code enforcements.

With its best-in-class metal building construction services, Dave’s resolves the hurdles in the residential construction space by offering fully customizable structures that are compliant with all applicable building codes.

“Our niche in the market originates from being detail-oriented and customer-focused in constructing metal buildings our customers dream of,” says Neufeld. “We customize almost every one of our buildings.”

Dave’s offers residential roofing solutions such as composition 3-tab shingles, composition laminated and impact-resistant shingles, sheet metals, and stone-coated metals with warranties ranging from 25 years to the home’s lifetime, sourcing from renowned manufacturers.

Daves Roofing Siding & Metal Buildings: Engineering Custom-Built Metal Buildings

Also available are siding and windows, including steel siding, fascia and aluminium soffit, providing the perfect finishing touches.

For commercial markets, including agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial landscapes, Dave’s has a broad array of metal roofing profiles, gauges, and applications, ranging from re-roofing and renovation to new construction. The company also offers retrofit flat roofs suited for custom-fabricated gables and sloped designs.

Dave’s client engagement starts with website submissions, emails, and phone calls. Its well-versed team comes up with a questionnaire for customers to fully understand the use, purpose, and location to determine the ideal metal building for their needs. An estimate range is provided, followed by an onsite visit for design inspiration, exposure, and plotting out the footprint. The metal building staff assess the size of structural I-beams, steels, columns and windows, wall doors and garage door openings that fit within the building site. After designing the basic layout of metal building project, Dave’s expert construction engineers work with customers from start to finish to build their structures.

Our niche in the market originates from being detail-oriented and customer-focused in constructing metal buildings our customers dream of

“As a leader in the metal building construction space with more than three decades of experience, we know the nuances of customizing everything from a basic metal frame to a fully finished interior that clients love,” states Neufeld.

Among Dave’s notable experiences is a two-story barndominium, a popular metal building built from the ground up and designed for residential or hybrid use. The client needed to build his customized barn structure without interior columns, I-beams, or rafters. However, the Dave’s team made the desired changes in the layout and built a state-of-the-art barndominium that exceeded the client’s expectations.

With many similar success stories to its name, Dave’s has proven it is ready to go the extra mile in fulfilling customer expectations by constructing dream buildings in the metal building construction space.