When installing deep foundation systems, construction companies must be efficient with their design and engineering including geotechnical subsurface investigations to sufficiently identify existing subsurface conditions. The engineering aspects of a project can be managed in-house. However, outsourcing geotechnical services for subsurface investigations and soil testing has proven beneficial in the current global marketplace. Many geotechnical service providers have emerged to address the growing construction service demands of the industry, but ANS Geo, a long standing full-service geotechnical firm, delivers the best results with its vast experience in the domain.

ANS Geo provides best-in-class geotechnical engineering and investigations, limited drilling, and materials testing services for the public and private sectors. ANS Geo is a New Jersey based firm with multiple offices throughout the US. ANS Geo is a registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firm and excels at performing project-focused subsurface investigation programs and foundation designs for all construction projects.

We like to be problem solvers, not problem avoiders; that’s what helps us be partners and help complete difficult projects

ANS Geo’s portfolio of services includes subsurface investigation programs, foundation design analysis and reviews, and construction inspections. It also provides additional services such as retaining wall system design, earthwork analysis, support of excavation design, forensic studies and investigation, slope stability analysis, seismic review and evaluation, and pavement design. Moreover, under the banner of geotechnical special inspections, ANS Geo offers extensive Quality Assurance (QA) services during construction to confirm projects are built as per specifications and approved drawings.

ANS Geo covers this facet of project management effortlessly. The company’s engineering team can perform nondestructive or nonintrusive geophysical surveys with its geotechnical engineering designs, project planning strategies, and feasibility studies.

ANS GEO: Supporting Everything: Discovering a Partner that Understands Subsurface Risks

Nondestructive or nonintrusive surveys such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), and multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) surveys are performed by ANS Geo’s experienced staff,which are critical for design and construction of all types. In addition, ANS Geo’s electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) surveys help identify existence of any karst features in known karst regions during the subsurface investigation phase, and provide value engineering methods during design phase with karst mitigation plan that is used during construction.

ANS Geo’s in-house drilling capabilities further address surface and subsurface conditions for local projects within the Tri-State area. Its drilling fleet consists of two track-mounted drill rigs, Geoprobe 7822DT and Acker XLS. Its partner, ANS Consultants, maintains an accredited material testing laboratory known for engineering industry standard testing services for medium-and large-sized projects. The laboratory conducts soil, rock, asphalt, concrete, mortar, and grout tests to gather valuable information to improve design and construction outcomes. Much emphasis is placed on achieving diligent site reconnaissance and planning support before breaking ground.

With the world looking for an efficient way to produce power, ANS Geo’s engineering team has becomemore involved with renewable energy projects such as solar panel farms and wind farms on land since 2020. To reduce construction costs of deep foundations, ANS Geo performs pile load tests as part of the subsurface investigation program to efficiently design deep foundation systems for the proposed solar panels.ANS Geo has supported 18 GW of renewable energy across the US.

ANS Geo’s highly qualified geotechnical engineering team further strengthens its robust competence in the field. Each staff member has vast experience in every facet of construction— from inspection to design—having worked with clients nationwide. They work to eliminate the many risks that lay underground and create buildings that are complete in their truest sense.

Since the company’s founding, ANS Geo has completed more than 1,200 projects across various sectors, including transportation and infrastructure, commercial and industrial buildings, utilities, and renewable energy. Standing by the belief that the best marketing is achieved by doing good work, the company takes an extra step to provide the satisfaction and safety of its client, no matter the nature or size of the project.