James Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer, Wiskind Steel Building
James Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer It’s been decades now since metal building systems have become a standard in the industrial market segment. Pre-engineered metal buildings are preferred options for various industrial buildings, including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. However, today, metal building systems are also making more significant inroads into the low-rise building market, such as commercial office buildings, retail stores, and government constructions. And adding to it, market and tech trends like modular construction and metal building systems—steel building systems in particular—offer a plethora of opportunities for businesses. However, to take advantage of them, businesses are increasingly looking for experienced and reliable partners who can cater to the whole range of steel building processes, from design to installation.

Enter Shandong Wiskind Steel Building Stock Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Wiskind Group—a global player in the steel building, cold-rolled steel coil, and coated steel plate trading businesses. Wiskind has more than four decades of expertise in the space providing leading-edge metal cladding systems, steel structure products, modular container houses, cleanroom and cold storage systems, and much more to enterprises. With a global footprint across more than 50 countries, Wiskind has carved a niche as the go-to provider for steel building systems for both commercial and industrial market segments.

Wiskind Architectural Steel: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Steel Building Requirements

Wiskind offers a broad portfolio of steel structure systems, including H beams, C and Z purlins, composite decking floor series, structural building systems, and steel structure accessories. Besides offering this diverse range of steel building products, what’s striving Wiskind ahead of its competition is the company’s ability to offer one-stop-shop services for them. Wiskind is proficient in catering to the whole process of steel building systems, from designing and manufacturing through to its transportation and installment. The company has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies and panels in that regard and holds several patents in steel structure design, manufacturing, and installation.

Notably, to ensure that the fabrication and erection processes are carried out with maximum accuracy and perfection, Wiskind leverages the best-in-class steel fabrication tools and equipment. Thus, the company has acquired all leading certifications in the domain. While Wiskind’s production management has ISO 9001 and the European Conformity (CE) certifications, their roofing systems have Factory Mutual (FM) certification. The company has also obtained the Grade-1 qualification for steel structure manufacturing and Grade-B qualification for designing in China, the country’s construction-grade qualification for steel structures.

Wiskind is proficient in catering to the whole process of steel building systems, from designing and manufacturing through to its transportation and installment

Such expansive competencies have been garnering the company widespread acclaim and accolades from its global client base. It has also enabled Wiskind to get listed in China’s over-the-counter (OTC) stock market in 2014. And, Wiskind has already marked an $880 million annual turnover and presence in more than 50 countries. Riding on the coattails of such success stories, Wiskind’s high-quality steel construction products and services are an ideal option for enterprises that are vying to leverage the advantages of steel building systems today.