Sithick Mohamed, MD, TC Consultancy
Sithick Mohamed, MD In such a scenario, one company that is making great strides in the construction and project management space through its fifteen-year-old dynamic advisory services is TC Consultancy. Since its inception in 2005, the company has been on a mission to deliver bespoke advisory services to manage complex construction projects within the budget and stipulated time.

The company’s wide range of services includes cost consultancy, quantity surveying, project management & development, and facility management support. These services are primarily catered to the government sector; apart from that, the company also delivers construction management solutions to residential buildings, malls, parks, commercial buildings, high-rise towers, and development projects for the private sectors, to name a few. Some Government clients include the Government of Sharjah, Sharjah Art Foundation, Dubai Sports City, University of Sharjah, Government of Abu Dhabi, and JRCC. Private clients comprise Arenco Real Estate, Kling consultancy, Shape Architecture Practice+ Research, Nakheel, Al Redwan Contracting, and Emaar.

“Our objective is to manage time and cost of construction projects. From the initial phase of planning and concept design to on site management, we are committed and look at every aspect to reduce time and costs,” states Sithick Mohamed, MD of TC Consultancy. They also anticipate change order management and incorporate all this in the earliest stages to ensure the rest of the construction processes run without hassle.

TC Consultancy accredits its success mainly to its topnotch team specializing in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. The team has been the company’s main asset and strength. The company’s diverse team also includes Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Certified Cost Engineers (AACEI), Architects, and multidisciplinary highly skilled engineers with varied experience in the Middle East and other countries.

TC Consultancy: Fast-growing Consultancy to Manage Time and Costs in the Construction Industry

Our objective is to manage the time and cost of construction projects. From the initial phase of planning and concept design to on-site management, we are committed and look at every aspect to reduce time and costs

“Armed with such specialists, we blend and embrace all the expertise and experiences to offer out-of-the-box services to all our clients,” says Mohamed. The company’s consulting services are time-tested, proven, and have a great success rate, which allows them to recommend scalable and sustainable solutions.

To achieve this feat, the team at TC Consultancy begins every client engagement by understanding the clients’ pain points and demands. Based on the situation and requirement, the company fast tracks the project and offers cost-saving solutions to meet clients’ budget goals. Using their tailor-made strategies, the company suggests high-performance and sustainable solutions to save clients money in the years to come. “We will be there even before the concepts stage to provide clients the budget, idea, and the methodology to carry out seamless operations within stipulated time and costs,” asserts Mohamed. The company also follows international standards and modifies its solutions according to the local government’s compliance framework. So it is a tailor-mix solution for each project.

Over the years, the company has built a stellar reputation with many clients across the UAE by providing high-value services. Mohamed cites a scenario where a renowned company in the Middle East was doing a multimillion project using a local format. However, the client was not happy with its previous consulting partner. The company’s in-depth search for a reliable consulting partner came to an end with TC Consultancy. They approached TC Consultancy to validate their complete commercial management, speed up the process, increase the review of the extension of the claim, and solve the commercial issues. With the help of TC Consultancy’s advisory services, the client was able to see significant improvement in the time and cost performance while mitigating overruns.

TC Consultancy has always worked toward delivering a comprehensive continuum of services that exceed its clients’ expectations. Over the years, TC Consultancy has become the go-to partner for construction companies as they constantly identify and reduce all avoidable expenditures like maintenance costs and latent risks and time. For the road ahead, the company envisions one of the leading international providers of project management and cost consultancy services for the construction industry that delivers integrated business solutions. When it comes to expansion, the company has plans to expand its footprint in South Asia. To stay ahead of the competition, the company adopts several modern technologies and trains its people with the latest technologies.