If one discusses the riskiest industry in terms of health and safety, the construction industry will, without a doubt, top that list. But the fact that construction environments and tasks are risky and hazardous, doesn’t mean that they are not controllable. The safety concerns largely depend on the compliance to the Health and Safety norms that a construction site must adhere to. Construction companies seldom possess the expertise to deal with the complexities of the application of compliance measures and fall short of optimum measures to prevent accidents. Summers-Inman, a UK-based company, offers construction consultancy to help its clients ensure a safe workspace for their employees.

Summers-Inman is a Construction and Property Consultant, specializing in Quantity Surveying, Project &Programme Management, Building Surveying, Health & Safety Management, and Environmental Advisory services. It has been offering a diverse range of consultancy services to construction clients, on a national and international basis for several decades. The services offered are complementary to one another to ensure adaptability under client requirements. It has over 130 accomplished construction professionals who aim at providing services that positively affect construction processes.

The company offers a one-stop platform that addresses all the problems generally faced by construction companies while applying safety compliances. It offers services such as Construction Design and Management (CDM), Health and Safety Compliance. It has ISO 14001 Accreditation for Health, Safety & Environment compliance, and offers training, consultancy, and systems audit to ensure that the clients are not just compliant with the regulations, but also attain excellent performance in health, wellbeing, and environmental matters.

Summers-Inman: Specialists in Construction Safety Compliance

It has provided strategic advice and assistance to clients on implementations of CDM regulations since its inception in 1994 and now is providing services in accordance with CDM’15 regulations. Summers-Inman offers CDM Management, CDM Advisor, Sie Safety Auditing, and BREEAM Assessment and Consultation. Its Construction Management teams are specialised in cost management, designs, project health, safety management, and plant & process management. It offers Brand protection and has a fast-track delivery scheme that ensures that the client is compliant with the regulations and prevents unexpected misfortunes.

Summers-Inman has extensive experience within the industrial sector and is a specialist in understanding manufacturing and distribution. Its industrial expertise covers manufacturing, processing, assembly, warehousing, and distribution. In addition to this, it also offers Quantity Surveying practice to help its clients maximize their profits and reduce their operating costs. Summers-Inman also offers a wide range of services for risk management, to enable its clients to prevent and manage risks easily. It has expertise in the assessment of clients’ assets at every stage of operations and enables them to minimize their risks. It is well-versed with the modern tools available with which it has developed live dashboards via which construction managers can oversee a project in its entirety, while also dynamically updating the information regarding the same.

For every project, Summer-Inman deploys a dedicated team that possesses the relevant skills and knowledge to provide the clients with the best advice. It has a trusted and longstanding relationship with its clients which solidifies its claims of being a customer-centric company. Its ‘can do’ approach has ensured the success of several logistically difficult projects and shows that health and safety is its priority. Given that the key regulations are dynamic, Summer- Inman constantly evaluates its services to offer the best practice to its clients.