The self-storage industry is one of the few that would never go out of demand as there are always people downsizing or relocating, which would require them to rent out storage spaces. Evidently, the self-storage business was considered an essential business during the COVID-19 lockdown period and remained open to customers.

As popular as it may be, the land gets scarcer every day, and self-storage developers are forced to build vertically to accommodate their list of requirements. Multi-story construction, especially in the self-storage field, is chock-full of complexities right from the conceptual phase all the way to the handover. And these projects typically require multiple individual contracts to cover the entire scope, which are handled by multiple vendors, and some of them would be oblivious to the nuances of self-storage construction. A single oversight in even one phase creates a domino effect, which results in a fiasco of an outcome.

As a solution to this predicament, working with a vendor well versed in self-storage construction and providing holistic services rather than covering just one aspect is paramount. Storage Building Company (SBC) checks all the boxes and renders a perfect and stress-free experience to their customers. The company rolls in multiple contracts into a single contract and handles the entirety of the project, right from the conceptual phase to the handover. “SBC is perfecting the storage building experience,” states Patrick McCallister, Partner, Storage Building Company.

SBC ventured into the self-storage building business three years ago and at the helm is McCallister, equipped with in-depth knowledge in the fields of self-storage and metal building. The company has been assisting customers with design, structural engineering, structural steel fabrication, erection and installation, as well as providing insulated metal wall panels.

Storage Building Company: Perfecting the Storage Building Experience

SBC’s unique approach toward value engineering and project management empowers it to build the highest quality of structures in the shortest duration. “We’re perfecting our craft, and building these buildings efficiently, on time, and within the budget,” affirms McCallister. He further explains how the relationship with vendors and the exemplary skills of project managers constitute the backbone of the company.

We’re perfecting our craft, and building these buildings efficiently, on time, and within the budget

“The biggest challenges we face today are the availability of materials and a fluctuation in the pricing,” he explains, drawing attention to how production and imports have taken a hit due to the pandemic. But SBC has been able to control and hold the prices for the duration of a project and ensure the fabrication and delivery of the pre-engineered building parts are timely and prompt. He credits their vendors and project managers for making this possible. McCallister corroborates an incident where they signed a contract in December, and although the materials were delivered only by July, the SBC team successfully ensured that there was no increase in the prices. This was possible because they invest in warehouses to store the materials for their clients, ensuring that the clients are not affected by the surge in prices.

The dedication of SBC toward a project is praiseworthy, to say the least. McCallister recalls how SBC managed to complete a project in Detroit within six weeks in the biting cold of December while under a time crunch as the contractor wanted to finish it before the dead of winter settled in mid of January. This was only conceivable due to their extremely dedicated team and special equipment, which enabled them to work through the night.

Giving a glimpse into the future, SBC envisions to become a household name due to its seamless, stress-free, cost-efficient, and streamlined build quality. SBC endeavors to be the go-to provider of multi-level self-storage construction projects for clients due to their customer service, project management, and attention to detail. “We strive to be the turnkey, single choice provider for any storage construction facility across the U.S,” McCallister signs off.