A New Realm of Prefabricated Steel Building Designs

The construction industry is in the throes of a massive shift as it embraces prefabrication to improve productivity and efficiency. Prefabricated steel structures, already entrenched in the construction sphere, are expected to reshape the construction industry unimaginably by allowing construction companies to realize improved efficiency, reduce errors and waste significantly, and ensure high-quality construction. Besides, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a complete building envelope system, which is airtight, energy efficient, cost-effective, and, above all, designed to fit user requirements like a well fitted glove. Pre-engineered metal buildings are the most affordable, safest, reliable, and eco-friendly industrial building option available today.

Nobody understands this better than SteelBuilding. com. The journey of SteelBuilding.com traces back to September 29, 2000, when the company’s website went live as the world’s first e-commerce supplier of metal buildings. Since then, the products and services offered by SteelBuilding.com have constantly been evolving in line with the trends in the realm of steel building design and process. Today, SteelBuilding.com has emerged as a leading supplier of cost-efficient pre-engineered steel building systems. SteelBuilding.com makes its products available for purchase through its affiliate company, Heritage Building Systems—a producer of thousands of metal buildings for an enormous array of uses. This implies that a SteelBuilding.com customer can seamlessly gain access to the technology, expertise, and support of the Heritage team.

What demonstrates the efficacy of SteelBuilding. com is its ability to provide customers with an opportunity to customize the building systems it offers for a custom, no-obligation price quote. The company’s steel building kits are manufactured by its parent company, Cary-based Cornerstone Building Brands (NYSE: CNR)—a trusted leader of exterior building products dedicated to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of customers and communities. This partnership allows SteelBuilding.com to provide high-quality steel building solutions that best fit the needs of the customers and ensures faster delivery and a superior warranty.

Quality, Custom-Designed Prefabricated Steel Buildings

SteelBuilding.com offers prefabricated steel buildings under four categories, namely Workshop Series, Garage Series, Storage Series, and Commercial Series. Workshop Series steel buildings are perfect for housing tools, small machinery, lawn care items, and workbenches. The company customizes metal buildings based on the color of the wall, roof, and accessories, to not only create an efficient workspace, but also bring in accessories such as windows, walk doors, vents, and more.

SteelBuilding, Inc: Part of the Cornerstone Building Brands

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Garage Series steel buildings are tailor-made for storing cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and much more. SteelBuilding.com designs a metal garage that includes roll-up doors, canopies, and gutters to address the specific needs of customers and make the steel building more appealing. Garage Series steel buildings support customization of the building based on the color of the wall, roof, and accessories.

SteelBuilding.com prefabricated Storage Series steel buildings serve as an excellent way for customers to secure their valuable property and shield it from extreme weather conditions. Whether it is a metal equipment storage facility or steel hangar storage for aircraft, the company provides the right building solution for any storage need. Storage Series steel buildings can be customized based on the color of the wall, roof, as well as the accessories.

Finally, Commercial Series steel buildings grab the attention of small business owners as an economical choice; this is because these buildings are marked by improved energy efficiency, reduced overall costs, increased durability, and low maintenance costs. As such, Commercial Series steel buildings make a great investment for business owners to benefit from. Like the other SteelBuilding.com’s steel buildings in the list, Commercial Series steel buildings can also be customized based on the color of the wall, roof, and accessories. Be it a steel office building or a metal retail building, the company provides customers with an apt solution designed to address all their unique business needs.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

SteelBuilding.com’s position as the supplier of choice for its customers has been unrivaled. The company sells only the finest quality products and materials by using hand-picked, first-run steel to design all its building components.
With its state-of-the-art steel building manufacturing capability, SteelBuilding.com’s building components are fabricated by its network of plants, all certified annually by the Metal Building Division of the American Institute of Steel Construction. These plants leverage the most advanced computerized technology and the latest manufacturing techniques, through which the company ensures unmatched building quality, accuracy, and precision. Additionally, the company offers a standard base angle as the default base condition.
  • SteelBuilding.com’s position as the supplier of choice for its customers has been unrivaled

What’s more, SteelBuilding.com uses both automated and human quality controls to ensure the arrival of the right products and materials on time at the job site. Keen on redundant quality control for commercial, agricultural, and industrial steel buildings, the company re-checks every design by hand before sending it to the plant. SteelBuilding.com uses web-based and internal computer systems to track each order from beginning to end and stay notified of the potential problems. In this way, the company communicates with customers, the manufacturing plants, and suppliers to coordinate every aspect of the industrial steel building project.

SteelBuilding.com customers are sure to derive the best value out of metal buildings. The company offers the highest-quality products available for pre-engineered metal building systems at low upfront costs. SteelBuilding.com ensures reduced overhead and freight costs through computerized operation and its nationwide plant network. The company ensures outstanding documentation and support for metal buildings designed as per customer needs. Besides, the company leverages computer-generated erection drawings and clearly labeled parts that match these drawings to ensure a comprehensive erection. Backed by trained customer service and tech-support staff, SteelBuilding.com offers full service before and after the sale to quickly and easily erect metal buildings, alongside providing clients with a toll-free hotline for technical assistance.