Craig Lockerbie, Vice President, Sherriff-Goslin Roofing
Craig Lockerbie, Vice President “It is a roof that protects the home in all kinds of weather severities, all day, all night,” states Craig Lockerbie, Vice President of Sherriff-Goslin Roofing. Sherriff- Goslin Roofing has provided quality roofing service for over a century. Founded in 1906, this family-owned corporation is a cornerstone in the roofing industry, serving customers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Not only is the company being led by the fourth-generation members of the founding family, but some of its branch locations are also operated by second and third-generation managers. This has enabled them to build a strong connection within the community and thereby extend their legacy as one of the area’s most experienced roofing contractors.

Sherriff-Goslin Roofing is the proud developer and exclusive distributor of the patented Art-Loc® shingle. The high-quality, algae-resistant Art-Loc® shingle, complete with Scotchgard® Protector granules and manufactured using SBS Modifier Polymer, will protect roofs against the most extreme wind and weather conditions. “It is a Class IV impact-rated shingle,” adds Craig. This makes the shingl extremely durable, flexible, and resist any kind of weather extremes, helping to protect and sustain the integrity of the roofs for the longest possible time. Art-Loc® interlocking shingles are designed to make them the perfect fit for reroofing applications. They also have the capabilities of restoring historical details for specific buildings. Be it a Victorian setting or a Prairie-style home, the shingles help preserve the historic nature while maintaining the integrity of these structures. The Art-Loc® shingle is one of the most unique and aesthetic in the industry, with extensive application from residential buildings to commercial and agricultural buildings.

Want more? The Art-Loc® shingle is not new to Sherriff Goslin Roofing, it was designed and developed in the 1920s as a unique solution for application over wood-style shingles. The interlocking shingles work on diagonal lines forming distinguishable diamond-shaped patterns, unlike the conventional rectangles formed by other shingles, and come in nine attractive colors. Besides, these shingles work effectively over rough surfaces that support several applications for old barns and farmhouses. “Some barns will use them to advertise, they can get as detailed as putting tractors and animals into the shingle,” states Craig.

Sherriff Goslin Roofing was contacted by an architect for a new project in Connecticut, a very large home and the homeowner was looking for something that just didn’t look like every other house. “We sent them the Art-Loc® samples. They purchased a pallet of shingles to do an outbuilding to see if they like the look of it.

Sherriff-Goslin Roofing : More than Quality Roofing Services - offering ArtLoc Shingles, for a Unique, Distinct, and Exclusive look

We have our own style and brand of shingle, designed to suit new constructions as well as for easy and seamless reroofing to restore the attractive historic structures

We shipped out shingles, worked with their contractor to show them how the shingles go together. They were so happy with the product that they designed the house with that product in mind,” recalled Craig.Sherriff Goslin Roofing also assisted in a historical restoration project in Silver Springs, Maryland. To restore the structure’s antique looks, Sherriff-Goslin suggested their diamond-shaped shingles in a red color that best matched the historic structures. Currently, they are working on the third building in this series. “Our shingles are the only thing that can match enough to what the commission is accepting,” adds Craig.

Direct sales of the Art-Loc® shingle are available for projects outside of their Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio service area. They will align and work with the contractors, designers, architects to coordinate the sales and distribution to the job site. The team also provides training videos to help contractors become familiar and comfortable with the installation. All direct sale inquiries, pricing, samples, and technical specifications on the Art- Loc® shingle will be managed by Craig Lockerbie, he can be reached at the Battle Creek, MI office, (269) 962-4036 For customers within their Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio service areas, Sherriff-Goslin Roofing offers high-quality shingles, safe roofing installation, and great customer service right from the start. From inspection, repair, and complete roof installations, they focus on the best solution for their customers. They are recognized by Atlas Roofing Corporation as a Platinum-Level contractor. They utilize Atlas Roofing Corporation shingles and leverage innovative technologies brought into the market by Atlas to attain the long-lasting beauty of the houses.

What differentiates Sherriff-Goslin Roofing is its focus on customer satisfaction that enables the company to match up perfectly to the client’s expectations. Especially in today’s scenario, customers are exposed to limitless options over the Internet and are more knowledgeable about the available products and services. And to precisely fit the varied customer specifications, the company puts up its large array of products and services with a wide range of prices, schedules, applications, and unique appearances. Further, to execute these projects, at the outset, the team meets the homeowner one-on-one to understand their needs and expectations. “We approach like craftsmen and connect with clients throughout from the very beginning up till removing the nails from the lawn,” mentions Craig. Guiding clients to seamlessly choose the best-fit shingle for their roof, Sherriff-Goslin presents its ‘Interactive Roof Shingle Visualizer.’ With this, customers, with a click of the mouse, can compare different shingle options, their appearances and visualize how the product looks when installed on their roof virtually.

Giving a glimpse into the future, Craig mentions the company’s interest to expand into metals, owing to its increasing demand in the community. But their major focus will continue to revolve around helping customers navigate their needs to safeguard and protect their homes with high-quality roofing services. “We wish to ensure that when customers return home all their contents are protected,” concludes Craig.