Constantino Lannes, President, SENNEBOGEN
Constantino Lannes, President An organization’s success is determined by numerous factors–innovative solutions, technical expertise, quality of services offered, and customer satisfaction. However, the most crucial element for a successful business is customer excellence–understanding the customer’s requirements and challenges, and providing them with the right solutions. This vital requisite has been the winning formula of SENNEBOGEN since its inception while delivering purpose-built equipment for material handling for decades with a definite focus on energy efficiency and ease of operations.

“Our goal is to resolve customer challenges by delivering revolutionary products that are reliable, easy to operate and maintain,” explains Constantino Lannes, president of SENNEBOGEN. “On an equal note, we also offer post-sales support to customers in the form of consulting services and training to overcome maintenance and labor availability roadblocks.”

A family-owned business, SENNEBOGEN, is dedicated to understanding its customer needs and challenges and combines its expertise and experience to provide better quality equipment that resolves various bottlenecks. The company’s leading-edge solutions are used in recycling industries, scrap handling yards, steel mills, for demolition, and at port markets.

The offerings include material handling machines used in the loading and unloading of materials at recycling facilities or even for construction. Other specialized equipment covers a range of medium to high reaching demolition machines equipped with shears, pulverizers, and other attachments to aid organizations in demolishing buildings in a controlled manner.

SENNEBOGEN: The Material Handling Specialists

Our key goal is to resolve customer challenges by delivering revolutionary products that are reliable, easy to operate, and maintain

Since the SENNEBOGEN machines are hydraulically controlled, they have increased availability and uptime. Furthermore, unlike its electronically controlled counterparts in the industry, which require engineers for maintenance, hydraulic control makes it easy for customers to conduct maintenance and repairs on SENNEBOGEN’s equipment.

SENNEBOGEN takes great pride in its ability to offer a diverse fleet of models that can achieve high reach and lift capacities, meet its customers’ distinct requirements, and is easily accessible. From hydraulic material handlers to equilibrium machines and equipment with energy recovery systems, the company’s comprehensive products cover a wide spectrum of requirements and deliver high performance and efficiency while reducing operating costs. Customers also have the option of leasing the equipment from SENNEBOGEN with a variable payment system that enables them to pay according to the machinery’s utilization without maintenance worries as the company takes care of it.

Beyond its sale of heavy equipment, SENNEBOGEN invests its manpower and finances on serving its customers by offering services around maintenance, repair, and training. Although SENNEBOGEN has a dealer network across the U.S. and Canada as its first line of defense and trained technicians across the country for customer support, it also has a specialist team to resolve more critical customer issues that need to be addressed with great care. What makes SENNEBOGEN different from its competition is it trains both dealers and customers at its training center in Stanley, North Carolina. Additionally, SENNEBOGEN also offers uptime kits by putting together the common parts prone to failure to help customers carry out quick repairs instead of waiting around for assistance from a dealer. The company has been offering almost 98 percent parts availability over the last seven years, which has helped resolve equipment issues at a faster rate.

In its endeavor to better serve clients and further strengthen its industry presence, the company is continually developing innovative products in tune with customer requirements and enhancing its existing products to suit varying customer needs. Building on its legacy of offering cutting edge yet simple solutions, with a resolute customer focus, SENNEBOGEN is currently working to further develop its electrically driven equipment that ensures greater benefits to its customers and the environment.