Archit Newaskar, Director (SCE APAC), SCE
Archit Newaskar, Director (SCE APAC) Silos are usually cylindrical in shape as they are easier to design and engineer. But what happens when arrays of cylindrical silos are placed next to each other? The curved edges of the silos placed in proximity create spaces between them that can neither be accessed for use nor for cleaning and maintenance. This ends up wasting more space, and the accumulating dirt, grime, infestation goes against high sanitation requirements— which is now almost an established minimum standard—and increase product contamination risk. Silo Construction and Engineering (SCE)—an innovative steel building solution provider—brings an excellent alternative to solve these setbacks in a unique way; their square and modular steel silos, in addition to holding/storing clients’ valuable product also form the structural core of the building.

SCE buildings form a key part of the physical factory infrastructure and typically consist of SCE silos and all necessary structural steel.

SCE Silos, a combination of wall panels and custom-designed mass flow hoppers made of durable steel with fully-emptying, self-cleaning properties, help in almost eliminating the downtime caused by product flow problems, unnecessary repairs, cleaning and maintenance. They also come with a protrusion-free bin-top to prevent dust collection, and the load-bearing silo columns don’t require any secondary steel to resist vertical pressures.

SCE: Perfecting the Mill and Storage Building Experience

The SCE proprietary way of design and engineering ensures the building is built not only with the highest standards of quality and hygiene, but it is also helping achieve positive outcomes from the environmental point of view as unlike concrete, that ends up into landfills. Also, steel has a much better strength to weight ratio and is almost fully reusable and recyclable.

A key differentiator is how the silo-integrated building is assembled and installed on site. SCE builds the silos in-house and ships them to the construction site in smaller modules, where only a handful of crew members are needed to integrate the modules into a building. Think of it as the LEGO, MECCANO bricks being affixed to one another to create a structure. Through this modular construction approach, SCE is able to provide its clients a visual representation of how the building would look like even before the project is laid out, thus simplifying the construction project with no time and cost overruns.

This way of building is an outcome of years of well-honed engineering, strategic steel-processing, and deep knowledge of product behavior, helping countless flour-milling, animal-feed/Aqua feed milling, rice processing, petfood manufacturing, and grain-handling industries, such as breweries, malteries, become more efficient operationally.

“The SCE building portfolio always puts customer needs, evolving consumer expectations, and pragmatism at the heart of the process to establish and achieve the best outcome. Hence, along with SCE’s wide range of solutions, it is the company’s detailed engagement with the client from the concept stage that helps to bolster long-term relationships, which become even stronger during a very professional and well-documented project execution stage, which held us in good stead during the pandemic,” says a top milling customer, who has worked with SCE on multiple projects.

In a nutshell, together with the operational and functional advantages, investing in SCE’s solution is also a delicate balance between the 3 E’s namely, economic benefits, efficiency, and the increasingly growing in importance, environmental, sustainability and food security considerations.

The SCE building portfolio always puts customer needs, evolving consumer expectations,and pragmatism at the heart of the process to establish and achieve the best outcome

“We believe we have worked hard to stay ahead of the curve in this broader APAC region and are in a uniquely advantageous position to address the discerning needs of a dynamically evolving industry that is bracing itself for safe, efficient and scalable wastage-free food processing, at the right price-point, of not only traditional foods (for human as well as animal nutrition) but also new-age plant-based foods that will require seamless building design and a smooth and predictable construction experience. Please do not hesitate in getting in touch with me directly and right away to discuss how we can work together, irrespective of whether you are an end-user or a prospective partner,” signs off Archit Newaskar, Director, SCE APAC, who together with a driven SCE team and management, has enhanced the reach and footprint of SCE over the last decade with some impactful projects in the region that underlines the increasing relevance of SCE in the foodprocessing ecosystem.