Cale Prokopf, President, RoofTech Consulting
Cale Prokopf, President Founded in 2001, Missouri-based RoofTech Consulting has embarked on a crucial mission of revamping the traditional building enclosure consulting arena with adept and technically sound roofing and enclosure professionals. Unlike many of its competitors, RoofTech isstaffedwith experts having accreditation(s) from the International Institute of the Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) and other esteemed entities. This enables the company to address all the diverse needs of the roofing, waterproofing, and construction industries more seamlessly.

RoofTech Consulting’s client engagement model is multi-pronged. Its team performs a physical inspection of roofs or any exterior wall system to assess conditions and life expectancy. From there, they provide a detailed report about the findings and site plans as, including photos & satellite imagery, to help clients with further maintenance and budgeting. “We produce 350-400 building assessments each year, producing very user-friendly reports. Instead of offering a mere collection of data or numbers, we have developed a precise format to help clients leverage the information without breaking a sweat. More importantly, our capability to deliver reports within 72 hours is an added benefit for our clients, which keeps us ahead of the pack,” says Cale Prokopf, President of RoofTech Consulting.

RoofTech Consulting also offers project design assistance and oversight service where the firm designs a project and offers detailed project manuals, including specifications, drawings&details, keeping client & code requirements in mind. These documents are typically completed within three or four weeks as opposed to many of its competitors whose turnaround can take two0to0four times as long to finalize.

RoofTech Consulting: An All-round Building Enclosure Consultant

Our team is nimble and very eager to learn. Our focus on educating employees empowers them to address diverse client requirements, such as the utilization of new technologies, systems, and installation methods

Once the design is contracted for implementation, RoofTech Consulting staff follow a well-developed process throughout the pre, intermediate, and post construction processes to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Additionally, the firm provides comprehensive and advanced forensic testing services. This includes infrared roof moisture surveys, exterior building thermography, electronic leak detection (ELD) for identifying leaks and anomalies in non-conductive waterproofing/roofing membranes, ASTM water testing, and a plethora of other testing that allow for proper assessment and solution development.
Furthermore, to ensure on-time delivery of services, RoofTech Consulting has made its employees experts of all trades by providing nonstop in-house training across their entire service portfolio. For example, assessment or inspection staffmight perform electronic leak detection (ELD) or infrared thermography, and a lead designer might produce reports after conducting site inspection. “Our team is nimble and very eager to learn. Our focus on educating employees empowers them to address diverse client requirements, such as the utilization of new technologies, systems, and installation methods,” says Prokopf.

In tandem with their services, RoofTech Consulting’s team of experts educates its customers or potential clients through compelling speaking engagements. Speaking topics cover a wide array but include the handling of insurance losses, basics of commercial roofing & building enclosures, electronic leak detection & testing methodologies, advanced building systems & design, and real-life case studies.

Backed by the prowess of such an efficient team and service, RoofTech Consulting never misses an opportunity to hone its capabilities and expand its reach. In January this year, the firm launched its new division—PaveTech Consulting—to provide dedicated consulting services for parking places. Additionally, the company has planned for some significant acquisitions to bolster its market presence. “We aim to grow strategically with our clients as well as our contractor partners, all while staying within our core competencies,” concludes Prokopf.