Joe Ruffo, CEO, Renin
Joe Ruffo, CEO The COVID-19 pandemic has led every business into a bout of turmoil. The construction sector was no stranger to this blow, especially the manufacturers who were faced with material procurement issues, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and financial restraints. They have struggled to fulfill orders on time, which, in turn, has negatively impacted the contractors and the entire project landscape within the construction industry. In fact, it resulted in the contraction of the global construction sector by 3.1 percent in 2020.

Unlike others, Renin, a leading manufacturer of innovative interior sliding doors and hardware systems, effectively waded through all these challenges by efficiently managing its labor forces. “Even though COVID-19 has been one of the most challenging times in the last 25 years of my experience, we have been able to turn the tables in our favor and maintain our longstanding legacy in the marketplace,” states Joe Ruffo, CEO, Renin.

Renin has successfully positioned itself as one of the biggest indoor sliding doors and hardware manufacturers in North America. The company is well-renowned for designing bold, contemporary, and classic closet and barn doors along with all the related hardware that goes with it. It offers several products ranging from bifold, bypass, and pivot closet doors and replacement parts, as well as complete barn door kits and hardware. These are all designed to stand out as a singular statement piece while complementing the entire house design. The doors come with options to choose from pre-finished colors and patterns, stained or unfinished solid wood, frosted or translucent glass, and many design configurations. Renin also offers its innovative, proprietary, and patented hardware components, including the Easy Glide soft open-and-close mechanism on select barn door kits.

Renin: Door Systems, Redefined

Even though COVID-19 has been one of the most challenging times in the last 25 years of my experience, we have been able to turn the tables in our favor and maintain our longstanding legacy in the marketplace

Its proven anti-jump closet track system prevents clients’ doors from derailing or disengaging. Renin’s products are engineered and tested to ensure they deliver smooth, functional, and reliable use to clients for many years. “We take pride in merging longevity, dependable performance, designdriven style, and high quality in every project we undertake. Drawing from more than six decades of experience, our heritage combines reinvention and innovation, which is at the heart of our company,” adds Ruffo.

Driven by its passion for fostering customer satisfaction, Renin focuses on understanding clients’ needs and collaborates with distributors, fabricators, retailers, and end customers to deliver the desired outcomes. The company focuses on prioritizing and empowering its customer service and sales team and get the work done immediately, ensuring clients get value, innovation, and great service with every engagement. “Being a mid-market sized company, we are nimble enough to accommodate clients’ demands,” adds Ruffo. Renin also works with project teams and managers and ships suitable products for their project completion. Furthermore, Renin works both in the opening and middle price point ranges for clients and follows up with short lead times and great service. Ultimately, it brings together a holistic package of quality products, fair pricing, and good service to maintain longstanding relations with clients. “We try to spend as much time with our clients to understand what they want to achieve in the next 12 months. We can get the job done for our clients, whether they are looking for stock solutions, an open price point product at a high level of fill rate, or customized products,” mentions Ruffo.

Truly, under Ruffo’s guidance and strategic leadership, Renin has always strived to bring about a collaborative and transparent culture within the organization from the top-down. With hard work and passion, Renin is not just growing by acquiring other companies but also organically. The company’s recent acquisition in October last year has doubled its business from 2019 to 2021. Not stopping there, the company has planned to bring new products to the market and innovate its existing offerings according to the changing demands of consumers. It will also continue to improve its service offering in terms of client service, shipping, and quality assurance. “As customers demand more of a repetitive selfservice path and want products delivered to them within a few days, our roadmap into the future is to develop a fully digital experience for clients,” concludes Ruffo.