John Cowan, Chartered Safety Practitioner/ Chartered Construction Manager, Principal CDM & Safety
John Cowan, Chartered Safety Practitioner/ Chartered Construction Manager CDM regulations have significantly improved the health and safety conditions in the construction industry. Injury rates have continued to fall over the past couple of years. Despite all this good news, construction remains a high-risk industry. Companies must continue to adhere to safety norms to manage and reduce the risks and to help them do so, Principal CDM & Safety offers them health and safety consultancy.

Principal CDM & Safety is an independent CDM, Principal Design and Consultancy firm that offers neutral advice and assistance specially focused on CDM’15 and safety norms for the construction sector. It effectively delivers planning, supervision, and CDM coordination services. It has over 15 years of experience in the construction and design sector working on several different projects. The organization aims at providing its clients with competent and cost-effective advice. It also offers assistance to contractors regarding site-based health and safety compliances.

The company takes pride in its skills, knowledge, experiences, and training modules.

Principal CDM & Safety: Bringing Safety into Construction

Principal CDM & Safety proactively develops risk reduction techniques for client projects, following the principles of prevention. It has expertise in construction processes (MCIOB), safety processes (CMIOSH), and Principal Design Processes (CMAPS). Its design teams work in proximity to the client to ensure full compliance with CDM’15 regulation, from conception to completion. The process also keeps in mind the design risk management associated with compliance. The main motive of this process is to ensure a safe project, which is easy to maintain. On completion of the process, it furnishes a health and safety report which highlights residual risks.

The CDM Advisor ensures that every member of the client’s company is aware of their respective duties and responsibilities under CDM’15. This includes a compilation of pre-construction information, assembly of a project team with the required level of skills and competence, review of the Contractors Construction Phase Plan and undertaking of CDM reviews to ensure that the required safety standards are followed and maintained throughout the project timeline.

Principal CDM & Safety also offers assistance in safety audits and inspections. These services are offered to both clients and contractors, to provide a snapshot of how effectively the health and safety strategies are implemented at each site. This process is a proactive tool to identify errors and faults in the arrangements, based on which, Principal CDM & Safety later suggests potential solutions rectify them. It assists companies with Competent person/ SSIP Accreditation (CHAS) to ensure that the client has competent people to deal with Health and Safety issues. It helps the clients develop a tailor-made Health and Safety Management System that will assist them with SSIP Accreditation. This service is provided on a retained basis.

In addition to this, Principal CDM & Safety also offers safety documentation which is a compilation of the company’s tasks, strategies, and reports. It offers risk assessment to ensure the client is aware of any risk in advance and can fabricate a plan to avert accidents. If any accident takes place despite the preventive measures, Principal CDM & Safety offers Accident Investigation Reports to enable the client to identify the cause of the accident and suggest methods to avoid them in the future. It also enables regular inspections and checks to ensure strict adherence to safety measures.