Christopher O’Brien, CEO and Michael Ballou, President, Prime Coat Coating Systems
Christopher O’Brien, CEO and Michael Ballou, PresidentDecorative and defensive coating solutions from a single source is perhaps the best way to describe Prime Coat, a leading provider of high- performance polymer coating systems. Founded in 1990, the company serves as a partner of choice for clients looking for sustainable and efficient coating solutions that beautify and protect the surfaces of their critical environments. Yet, what gives the firm an edge over the competition is the uniqueness that it brings to the delivery model. “At Prime Coat, we believe that ensuring high-quality installation is as important as maintaining the robustness of our product,” says Christopher O’Brien, the CEO of Prime Coat. “We specialize in both manufacturing and installing complete, seamless, decorative, and defensive coating solutions for our clients.”

Today, Prime Coat excels in delivering seamless enclosures for institutional markets, decorative solutions for retail, and heavy-duty systems for manufacturing facilities, including food processing, automobile, and pharmaceutical. With rich industry experience and in-depth know-how on product performance, chemical resistance, and physical abuse, the company serves a broad range of customers — from restaurants, municipalities, industrial, education, prisons to BSL research facilities. Not just that, embedded with easy clean technology that has a log-5 kill rate for pathogens, Prime Coat systems are a natural fit for customers concerned with maintaining a more sanitary environment such as hospitals, correctional facilities and public areas.

Established as a customer-first company, Prime Coat focuses on providing exceptional solutions that align well with clients’ specific requirements while ensuring their permanence and performance. “Adhering to this mission, we provide a wide array of pre-designed solutions while our innovation labs are always prepared to develop tailor-made systems for our clients,” says O’Brien. “Our goal is to develop high performance coating solutions that contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and zero hazardous airborne pollutants (HAP).”

Prime Coat Coating Systems: Re-envisioning Industrial Coatings!

Our goal is to develop high performance coating solutions that contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and zero hazardous airborne pollutants (HAP).

To do this, the company adopts a comprehensive multi-step approach while collaborating with customers.

A typical client engagement begins with Prime Coat understanding their requirements. If an architect is involved, Prime Coat will work at the early stages of the project, with the architect to configure the concrete design and coating system needed to meet or exceed the performance and aesthetic requirements of the client. This is followed by a comprehensive assessment, where coating engineers at Prime Coat run a series of tests to evaluate coating performance in project-simulated conditions. This results in a report of the impact the proposed coating solution(s) may have on design expectations, facility operations and both initial and maintenance costs. Once the Prime Coat solution is adopted and a contract is issued, Prime Coat manages all of the required steps to ensure complete customer satisfaction!

The required steps include testing of the substrates and jobsite environment, including moisture transmission on concrete, ambient air temperature and relative humidity, substrate temperature and a host of other required tests. Once the required testing has been completed, a team of factory trained experts take over to prepare the substrates per ICRI and NACE guidelines, and install the specified coating system(s) as required by the latest Prime Coat Installation Guidelines. This is accompanied by quality checks, where safety officers inspect the jobsite making sure that the preparation and installation operations comply with both the owners safety requirements and those of the Prime Coat safety program. Not just that, Prime Coat goes the extra mile to conduct an environmental walk-through with clients to make sure that they are satisfied with the work. The company also provides exceptional post-installation services to clients, where proper maintenance and cleaning of the finishes are reviewed and the final warranty is presented.

Dedicated to serving its clients better and attracting new customers, Prime Coat has several plans in its pipeline. Primarily, the company is preparing itself to kick-start a licensee program across the U.S., where it partners with high-quality contractors. By doing this, the company aims to share its industry knowledge with partners and empower them with innovative technologies to grow their business while growing the Prime Coat brand. “We have been manufacturing and installing high performance coating solutions for decades and are excited to create a network of the very best flooring contractors in the United States. Our focus is to find a select few quality contractors who want to advance themselves, their businesses and their employees to the pinnacle of success in the industrial coatings marketplace”, concludes O’Brien.