Steve Schulz, Production Coordinator, Menzies Metal Products
Steve Schulz, Production Coordinator Just as technology has undergone the test of time, so has “the roof.” However, protecting a roof from the extreme weather conditions and ever-occurring water ingress problems imposes several difficult restrictions on roofing projects. When residential and commercial roofs are installed, the contractors have to take in account the multiple points of vulnerability when draining the roof: drains, gutters, downspouts, and scuppers. Whilst slates and roof tiles are designed to keep out rain from buildings, there is always the chance that strong winds can lead to rain forcing its way through any gaps or underneath the tiles. Formed in 1978 by Sam Menzies, Menzies Metal Products has been at the forefront of solving these challenges, offering effective roofing accessories and building supplies. Started from Sam’s garage, today, the company has grown to become one of the leading industry leaders in producing products for the roofing, building and plumbing industries. “For the past 42 years, we have been designing effective and innovative products. Our aim is to improve and simplify roofing products in order to make them cost-effective and easy to install,” asserts Steve Schulz, Production Coordinator at Menzies Metal Products.

Further explaining the challenges faced by contractors, Schulz says that for drains, these contractors rely heavily on adhesives to bond the roofing material such as roof flashings. However, due to poor adhesion, it causes sealant breakdown over time, which results in water ingress. Moreover, booting the corners and getting a fit around the 90-degree corner of a roof by installing a rubber boot that can effectively and quickly seal the roof vent is also a daunting task.

Menzies Metal Products: Roofing Challenges Made Easy

Our aim is to improve and simplify roofing products in order to make them cost-effective and easy to install

In order to nip these challenges in the bud, Menzies developed its TPO Direct Weld—a direct bonding coating. TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, and as the proprietary product of the company, TPO Direct Weld is applied to all Menzies’ existing and custom commercial metal roofing drains, vents, and flashings. TPO Direct Weld is highly reflective, which results in lower utility bills for heating and cooling buildings. Unlike the traditional roof installation method where contractors rely on adhesives to bond the roofing materials, TPO Direct Weld provides direct bonding of the materials. “Our TPO coated products are durable, eco-friendly, and safe. With our direct bond, contractors don’t have to worry about booting the corners. They can simply cut a gasket to fit around the base of the material or the vent, and it directly bonds to it, which not only saves time but also solves the water ingress problems,” explains Schulz.

In addition to an extensive line up of stocked items, including TPO roofing products, flat roofing products, and metal flashings, Menzies fabricates custom products to suit the particular needs of its customers, even including plumbing and HVAC products. Menzies supplies products in Western Canada and the United States from its state of the art fabrication shop in Surrey, B.C..“We sell to distributors, lumberyards, as well as direct contractors. We have a full showroom in Surrey so customers/homeowners can come in and buy direct from us,” says Schulz.

Having been in the industry for over 40 years providing effective roofing products and accessories, Menzies has carved a unique niche in the market due to the quality workmanship of its products and commitment to excellent customer service. For the future, Menzies plans to keep on investing in product innovation and machine automation. The company also aims at expanding throughout more of Canada and into the U.S. for enhancing its customer base. “We are investing heavily in machinery, and we are replacing the old machines with the ones in order to keep up with technological innovations and capabilities. Our goal is to be the number one roofing accessory manufacturer in Canada and the U.S.,” states Schulz.