Bill Imhoff, President & CEO, Intertech Commercial Flooring
Bill Imhoff, President & CEOStanding out in the competitive commercial flooring industry can be challenging. But it is hard to miss when one particular company has been able to unfailingly provide transformative flooring solutions to a diverse customer base for over 33 years. Surpassing its origin as a small flooring company located in Austin, Intertech Commercial Flooring has steadily grown in size, markets served and the variety of commercial flooring products and services its highly skilled team installs. Its reputation for quality, experience, and value has helped Intertech become one of the leading commercial flooring providers in Texas with offices in Austin, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

Intertech’s uniqueness lies in part in its extensive offerings, ranging from commercial floor coverings to raised access flooring with underfloor wiring, custom coatings and concrete solutions. Coatings have become an important part of their business, as evident in the garages of the Texas Motor Speedway, one of the largest sports stadiums in the U.S., where Intertech installed unique coating designs with distinctive striping and lettering. For every client they work with, Intertech assists them throughout the whole project, working and communicating internally with the project managers, project coordinators, and specifiers, to hand-pick the best products for the project environment and the client’s budget.

Intertech also provides the LATICRETE SUPERCAP system in Texas, with which they can pour over a whopping 40,000 feet of underlayment a day in a given area.

Intertech Commercial Flooring: Setting the Gold Standard for Commercial Flooring

The unique SUPERCAP system enables them to save both time and costs for the client, ultimately speeding up the whole construction. This is especially helpful for a client if they have issues with concrete as Intertech can prep the floor for them over a large area. In some cases, Intertech can go right after the concrete slab is poured and covered to treat the floor for moisture and cap it with a cementitious product. “We were one of the first in the industry to be able to remediate the issue of moisture coming through concrete,” says Bill Imhoff, President and CEO of Intertech Commercial Flooring.

With Intertech’s long-term experience in flooring, they live by the motto of trying to handle any issue in a forward-thinking approach. One of their biggest strengths is training not just their team for every situation to maintain the safest workplace environment but also educating their customers on every option available. “Anything could happen in construction, so we believe communication is vital between the management and the staff to ensure safety in challenging situations out in the field,” says Imhoff.

We were one of the first in the industry to be able to remediate the issue of moisture coming through concrete

Intertech strives to build long-lasting relationships with clients, and that commitment shows in their loyal customer base, many of which have worked with the company since its inception. “We've been told that the kind of customers we seek are the ones that demand more from others and we deliver it,” said Imhoff. “We do it with our labor, our attitude toward business and always trying to improve ourselves.”

Moreover, with employees that have been with them since the beginning, it comes as no surprise that the firm was recently named one of the top family-friendly workplaces in Central Texas. Intertech continually focuses on improving as a team, and with their experience, they have been able to better the quality of their services as well. “We take pride in continually being able to offer a full, cohesive customer experience to our clients with the best products available in the market,” concludes Imhoff.