Maryanne Hibner, Principal, Hibner Design Group
Maryanne Hibner, Principal The design and décor of every modern-day business plays a vital role in representing the company’s culture, influencing client/customer experiences, and in turn, boosting purchase decisions. Businesses looking to optimize their workspace to better suit the functionality and overall appeal should consider interior designers a vital resource. However, in today’s market, interior design projects are expensive, whether it’s the renovation of an existing space or development of a new building. As a result, most businesses seeking to revamp their workspace struggle to align their interior design needs with their budgets.

Helping clients transform the way they express their business culture is California-based Hibner Design Group. The firm prides itself on the ability to elevate and enhance commercial spaces in an efficient and affordable manner. “We look at a space not only from a design perspective, but also from operation and financial standpoints and we strive to deliver the best service that suits all the clients’ needs,” says Maryanne Hibner, principal at Hibner Design Group, and former director of design at the Irvine Company.

Established in 2012, Hibner Design Group had humble beginnings fueled by Maryanne’s mission to offer flexibility and affordability in interior design projects. In her words, she combines her experience as a mother with her perspective of a female entrepreneur to constantly find inspiration in everyday instances, converting and weaving them into beautiful spaces that breathe quality and creativity. Today, Hibner Design Group specializes in multi-family, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Hibner Design Group : Designing Workspaces with Passion and Purpose

At the heart of Hibner Design Group’s success is its team’s ability to collaborate closely with its clients, understand their needs to the most minute details, and develop long-term customer relationships. “We assess whether a client is planning their design project for the short or long term, which helps us to minimize costs and delays,” explains Maryanne. Based upon the client’s vision, the firm understands their needs as they choose the furnishing finishes and floor panels. Choosing timeless color schemes for long-term spaces, as well as trendy, currently emerging design layouts for short-term projects, are imperative factors in the process.

Another aspect that differentiates Hibner Design Group from its contemporaries is its investment in technology. The firm leverages Autodesk Revit as their preferred BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, significantly elevating the efficiency of otherwise cumbersome documentation processes. Hibner Design Group has many success stories since their inception. For example, the firm helped a real estate developer renovate their newly purchased (early 1990s) property in Woodland Hills, CA. The owner initially wanted to transform it to fit with the times. Hibner Design Group was approached, then collaborated with the architect to assess the best way to revitalize elements of the building to transform its appeal with quality and purpose. The client, so pleased with the results, continues to work with the Hibner Design Group to expand its influence on the look and feel of the overall property.

Looking ahead, Hibner Design Group aims to expand its team of designers and associates to establish its place in the affordable housing arena. Additionally, the firm plans to capitalize on the imminent opportunities that the hospitality industry is bound to present as it makes a comeback after the pandemic. In conclusion, Maryanne reiterates the ethos of her company, “We will continue to look at interior design projects holistically and leverage our team’s collaboration and expertise to help businesses transform their spaces in a way that aligns with their vision.”