Griff Rausch, President, EWS TX
Griff Rausch, President Across most of the construction industry, the relationships between clients, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and other stakeholders have become so contentious over the years that oftentimes, the projects fail or get delayed. Most companies in the space adopt a business mindset of earning as much revenue as possible from one project and moving on to the next without paying much heed to their customers’ betterment. It is imperative against this backdrop that every successful construction project start with cordial relationships with all stakeholders. This is what Engineered Wall Systems Texas (EWS TX) believes materializes.

EWS TX is a premier building enclosure company based in North Texas and is a part of the McDougal Family of Companies. “Our company shines out in the market primarily because we understand that the key to business success is building trusted relationships with customers. We put great emphasis on creating a team environment where problems are resolved effectively without pointing fingers or blaming anyone,” says Griff Rausch, President, EWS TX.

The company’s expertise pertains to custom aluminum plate systems (Genesis), six types of ACM systems, custom perforations and digital imaging, proprietary advanced project planning system, and many more.

When engaging in a project, EWS TX collaborates with owners and architects and conducts surveys to understand the building requirements and identify the best economical product aligned to the client’s budget. After that, its design team demonstrates the overall façade of the building through simple sketches. EWS TX also has two mockup facilities in Texas and Tennessee, where mockups are developed as per client requests.

EWS TX: A Trustable Partner for Custom Building Enclosures

We always try to stay ahead of the curve by exploring more technologies and innovations in order to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customers’ requirements

The company assists clients throughout the installation process and also in coordinating with other contractors. “We also have the ability to create 3D models of building with point cloud generators. Once we have the model, we convert the information into panel tickets and run it into production and fabrication and later, installation,” mentions Rausch. Additionally, being equipped with an in-house training facility, EWS TX educates its new and existing installation crew about the entirety of its product line and gives hands-on training on installing those products. “Also, as we laser focus on safety, all our employees and supervisors are trained in-house with 10 hours and 30 hours of OSHA certifications, respectively,” adds Rausch.

That’s not all! EWS TX structures strategies for steady, sustainable, controlled, and long-term growth in a manner that does not compromise the success they’ve achieved or the relationships they have nurtured so far.

The success story of one of their clients best exemplifies EWS TX’s value proposition. The company was installing louvers on a project for the client while another contractor was assigned the metal panel work. However, the latter’s design did not meet the furnished product criteria. As a result, the client came to EWS TX to find the best solution, to which the company responded with a couple of solutions that would maintain the building’s enclosures. They maintained a close relationship with the client for upwards of five years.

This is just one of many examples of the success that EWS TX has achieved. Their client successes are rooted in the robust products and services that the company offers. Having carved a unique niche in the space, looking ahead, EWS plans to have more collaborations with new suppliers, helping them navigate the ongoing supply chain issues. The company also goes beyond the traditional recruitment model and hires talents earlier in their career and retains them with extensive training. “We always try to stay ahead of the curve by exploring more technologies and innovations in order to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customers’ requirements,” concludes Rausch.