Tarik Kassem Aly, CEO, DMA
Tarik Kassem Aly, CEO Whether it is sleek skyscrapers, futuristic domes, or hi-tech cityscapes that dot today’s skylines, innovations in the construction sector are enabling the development of architectural marvels. In this hyper-competitive market, most businesses aim at creating value and delivering a high quality of life for people through the high-end design of places, spaces, and structures. At the same time, due to the burgeoning climate change impact on buildings and constructions, creating an exceptional design with a sustainable and green environmental direction is at the vanguard of development.

Against this multi-layered backdrop where a sheer eye for detail and designs make architectural firms stand apart, the veracities of present-day life, however, pose unique challenges for the development of chic architectural ethos. The key one being creating a sense of balance between functional and distinctive design, bearing in mind the developers’ and end users’ satisfaction and ultimately offering an experience at a cost-efficient budget. As a consequence, developers and key stakeholders have to switch between different approaches to secure economical and competent solutions. This is where DMA, a multi-disciplinary design and consulting firm, can unravel project success.

DMA gives developers the flexibility needed for cost-effective undertakings with its functional, distinct design, and well-researched engineering interpretation. The company specializes in architecture, master planning and landscape, interior design, structure, construction supervision and infrastructure, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). “DMA’s knowledge and experience allows to achieve the balance between the facility user’s satisfaction and the project’s owner maximum profitability and ultimately fulfilling their needs and aspirations without compromising on the project’s unique design,” says Tarik Kassem Aly, CEO of DMA.

DMA: Blending Functional and Distinctive Design with Futuristic Services

DMA’s knowledge and experience allows to achieve the balance between the facility user’s satisfaction and the project’s owner maximum profitability without compromising on the project’s unique design

At the center of DMA’s architectural practices, what serves as a critical element, from initial briefing stages to project delivery, is the human touch, making the design process ever more detailed, distinct, and personalized.“We design livable communities and commercial facilities for developers, and end-users to make people’s lives unique, and enjoyable while designing any project. Our practice is centered on the core values of creativity, humanity and purpose,” Tarik states.

Another key component that constitutes to DMA’s unwavering operational stance is sustainability—all of the firm’s projects are designed with sustainability in mind. The company’s purpose is to use ecologically sustainable approaches at every step of the design and execution process, resulting in unrivaled synergy between the project and its surroundings. “Our landscape architects play an integral role throughout the design process. They shape environments that connect people to each other and to the world around them to establish a sense of place,” Tarik observes.

DMA’s team embarks on exceptional projects in a multitude of areas using innovative designs and hands-on construction solutions. One such project is Il Bosco, an ecological oasis designed on a contemporary style base and integrates the vertical forest concept. Its setting encapsulates building facades with trees and plants—a trend catching up all around the world. Another venture that distinguishes DMA is ICity New Cairo, a mountain park project concept devised to boast a large and diverse bundle of features, homes, and facilities to let people indulge in everything they wish for without any compromise. Be it lush green, outdoor spaces, tailor-made residences, sports facilities, or outdoor spaces, at ICity, DMA has ensured to create an ideal environment for the residents.

By and large, DMA intends to bring life to the land, improve the living standards of communities, earn the respect of its stakeholders and become their ultimate choice. As an ISO-certified organization, the firm ensures the desired coordination between the structure, MEP, infrastructure, and other disciplines, starting from the concept design to the schematic understanding, thereby developing topquality structures. “Our plan for the next five years is to expand about four times of the world that we have, and deliver diverse projects,” Tarik concludes.