Josey Parks, CRO, CMR Construction & Roofing
Josey Parks, CRO "What is the beautiful if not the impossible"-Gustave Flaubert

Echoing Flaubert’s timeless words is Steve Soule, the founder and CEO of CMR Construction and Roofing, who has constantly been pushing the limits to overcome all complexities in the realm of roofing systems. It was quite early on while pursuing a degree in engineering that Soule started envisioning a company that would have the ability to take on any project, regardless of its intricacies and complexities. Fast forward to the present day, CMR Construction and Roofing stands tall as one of the largest roofing companies nationwide, boasting of a clientele that includes top financial institutions, public utilities, hospitals, major retail chains, hotels, apartment complexes, and more.

However, the greatest testament of their success is roofing the 450 feet guitar-shaped Hard Rock Hotel in Lauderdale—an architectural marvel that redefines the South Florida skyline. But needless to say, one shouldn’t be left surprised by the fact that installing a roofing system for such an iconic building—would never be a smooth sail. The roofing company that was initially onboarded to install the roofing system withdrew from the project owing to several logistical and technical hurdles coming on the way. That is when CMR Construction & Roofing decided to step in with their industry expertise and put an end to all the doldrums surrounding the completion of the roofing system. With over 600 crew members working on the project, the group of experts at CMR Construction and Roofing used highly sophisticated and unique materials for building the roofing system. It was underpinned by an extremely meticulous and coordinated effort to assemble all the parts together and successfully install them.

CMR Construction and Roofing : Blending Aesthetics with Durability

Licensed across 31 states, we understand all the needs and difficulties of property owners to deliver the perfect, tailor-made solution for their roofing projects

With the same dexterity and passion, CMR Construction and Roofing provides the most comprehensive roofing programs along with individualized services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

“Licensed across 31 states, we understand all the needs and difficulties of property owners to deliver the perfect, tailor-made solution for their roofing projects,” states Josey Parks, CRO of CMR Construction and Roofing. Specializing in mostly flat and low-slope roofs, the company uses a wide range of roof covering materials—including modified bitumen, asphaltic roof fill, and polyurethane foam roofing, among others—to build roofs with unmatched quality and durability.

Apart from their advanced roofing systems, CMR Construction and Roofing’s white-glove service for detailed inspections is what sets them apart from other roofing companies in the industry. Backed by extremely knowledgeable backend teams comprising project supervisors, project managers, and production managers, the company ensures hassle-free completion of projects. By assigning on-site managers to each location, the company takes a proactive step in warranting that all roofing installations are carried out on time and within the budget. The on-site teams also perform detailed analysis for rooftop usage, wind uplift, fire rating, positive drainage, chemical exposure, sustainability and reflectivity, insurance requirements, environmental and safety regulations, and more.

Built on the core tenets of undying devotion to craftsmanship, on-time delivery, and end-to-end client services, it comes as no surprise that the company has gained a reputation for products with exceptional quality, garnering customer satisfaction for over 17 years. It is on this bedrock of integrity, transparency, and unfaltering professionalism that CMR Construction and Roofing is gearing up for their expansion into new markets. “We will also leverage our tie-up with NASCAR to raise awareness about our organization, resounding the vision of our tagline—'Beautiful Roofs Made Easy’,” Parks signs off.