Greg St. Clair, President, Arizona Corporate Builders
Greg St. Clair, President The ability to listen, empathize, communicate trust and regulate one’s emotion is not something that is usually taught at business schools or undergraduate courses. Recent research reports from the business world suggest that while technical skills will get the job done, it is ‘people skills’ that determine the level of success an organization will have and the way it will strengthen business relationships. A fact that is corroborated by Greg St. Clair, President of Arizona Corporate (ACB) Builders, who believes that people management skills are ‘must have’ elements for achieving customer excellence for every industry, and in this case, the construction industry too. And this doctrinal belief is the foundation upon which the entire legacy of Arizona Corporate Builders is scripted. St. Clair believes that this philosophy attributes to ACB’s national rankings in volume year after year— noting a ranking of #10 for 2021 in Metal Construction News.

“By putting together a dream team of young talent who are on par with the latest industry and technological trends and equipped with people-skills coupled with the years of experience of ACB’s management partnership, ACB offers the best of pre-engineered building systems and processes that keep our clients coming back,” says St. Clair. Specializing in steel building systems, ACB acts both as a ‘supply and erect’ subcontractor and, in selected instances, a ‘design-build’ general contractor to service all kinds of building requirements while carrying both the A-11 Steel Erection and the B-01 general contracting licenses. What’s more, owing to the young team’s agile mindset, ACB can take on various time-consuming, difficult projects with the know-how that many of its competitors lack.

Yet another noteworthy highlight behind ACB’s outstanding services is its partnership with Nucor Building Systems, a division of Nucor Corporation—the largest domestic producer of steel in the US.

Arizona Corporate Builders: Redefining Customer Experience in Pre Engineered Services

ACB offers the best of pre-engineered building systems and processes that keep our clients coming back

ACB’s years of experience, coupled with Nucor’s ability to engineer and fabricate high-quality steel building systems, provide their clients with the stupendous advantage of receiving a quality product at a competitive price.

According to St. Clair, one of the biggest market impediments that construction companies are facing at present is regarding steel pricing and availability. Steel projects quoted at a certain price point year ago have notched up to over one and a half times the previous cost. Amid high pricing fluctuations in such a volatile market, ACB is making a difference by opting for creative and alternative methods of communicating with manufacturers and procuring steel at a reasonable price. In addition to that, since ACB has a history of procuring steel in humongous volumes, it also gets added preference over other competitors. “The volume of our consignments, supplemented by our top-notch people-skills in dealing with manufacturers and customers have helped us mitigate all pricing and delivery issues plaguing the global supply chain in the fallout of the pandemic,” says St. Clair.

Now, as the popular parlance goes, ‘You don’t build a business, you build people, and the people build the business.’ ACB always lives up to that belief to uphold the contribution of its exceptional teams behind their service, who are involved throughout the entire business cycle of the customer. In the case of large projects, they demarcate the entire project into several phases and ensure smooth progression through each of them—right from budgeting to holding extensive strategic consultations with their clients to designing and outlining the project. And when the construction commences after the detailed consultation round, ACB thoroughly supervises every aspect of the project, implementing the necessary people skills to manage every aspect of the construction—right from maintaining deadlines to keeping the budget under control to dealing with on-site workforce coordination.

Looking ahead into the future, St. Clair wants to further strike a balance between hiring employees with technological expertise and ones with standalone people skills, as he believes people management skills will be the core driving force behind drawing future clients to ACB’s prestigious client roster. “Alongside, we are training our employees to ramp up our production capacity—all while maintaining higher profitability and rock-solid business relationships,” concludes St. Clair.