Jason Rittenbach, President, Allied Construction Services
Jason Rittenbach, President The great American Romantic poet, James Russell Lowell, once wrote, “Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof!” While what he implied was indeed a fascinating metaphor for human relationships, it has a major takeaway even for people (of the construction industry), who are nonchalant to poems and literary devices. An enduring and sturdy roof can never be built with compromises. Otherwise, it would take the head for a fall, literally! Thus, the construction industry should treat the roofing system with as much significance as the foundation of a building itself, for even the slightest of errors can have devastating effects.

For instance, let’s see through an example how the wrong type of roofing can wreak havoc for a commercial building owner. A major processing and distribution company recently faced a crisis due to their roofing system. The company stores its millions of dollars’ worth of refined products in storage silos, whose roofing systems were made up of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). The low compatibility of TPO with the chemicals in the product had been resulting in premature damage to the roof, posing a serious risk to their product. To make matters worse, these silos with a height of around 150 feet also presented safety challenges for roofing service providers. However, the company finally found a remedy in the combination of tapered foam insulation and a two-component coating solution that has a chemically resistant monolithic membrane, which can protect the roof from chemicals. The restoration was completed in four weeks at a competitive cost, assuring the protection of the company’s product.

The architect behind this unique restoration project was Allied Construction Services—a roofing services provider with more than two decades of expertise in providing reputable, affordable, and sustainable commercial roofing services to hundreds of commercial building owners and property managers. And it is indeed this extensive know-how that is enabling them to come up with such tailor-made roofing solutions, which cater to the specific challenges of their varied customer base.

The One-Stop-Shop for Commercial Roofing Services

ACS provides a whole range of commercial roofing services, including coating, maintenance, and waterproofing of roofs. Besides, they also undertake commercial roof construction or renovation projects with roofing systems like TPO single-ply roofs and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofs. “There are not many businesses out there doing both maintenance services and construction. We are doing both, and indeed doing both well,” says Jason Rittenbach, a former marine and the president of ACS.

Allied Construction Services : Commercial Roofing Services Tailored to Customers Needs

ACS is a roofing services provider with more than two decades of expertise in providing reputable, affordable, and sustainable commercial roofing services

To ensure superior quality in their services, the company has a pool of certified experts in the fields of roofing and construction to implement the industry's best practices in maintenance, renovation, and construction. The company is also leveraging the most durable and advanced roofing solutions available on the market today by associating with the leading manufacturers and premium brands in the space, such as Firestone, GE, Tremco, National Coatings, and Astec.

While catering with such a broad portfolio of top-end products and manufacturers, Rittenbach asserts that they never try to push a specific product or manufacturer to their customers. “We always want to do what’s right for the customer and cater to their specific needs, be it budget, time, warranty, odor, or any other unique challenge that they face,” states Rittenbach. Let’s assume the customer has a budget constraint, then ACS can bring down the roofing costs by speeding up the implementation process. “As the cost relies heavily on the labor, if we can opt a faster approach, coating membranes instead of Single-Plies, for instance, it can considerably bring down the costs,” adds Rittenbach. “We would listen to the customer, figure out what their parameters are, and then educate them on solutions concerning what they're looking for,” he avers.

This unique value proposition of ACS’s client-centric approach reflects best through another client success story. A courthouse in Oakland had been facing an issue with their old roofing system that presented a critical risk for their interior equipment. They had been planning to tear it off and get a warranted roof. ACS instead went with a two-part coating system for the roof, which would cure quickly and offer a 20-year warranty. More interestingly, ACS achieved it with zero downtime. It was an active courthouse, and remarkably, the whole procedure was completed without causing any noise or disruption to the court proceedings!

Such client success stories have aided ACS to carve a niche for itself in the domain today, and Rittenbach iterates that his service under the Marine Corps has equally helped the company in this growth journey. “It’s the principles that I have learned while serving under the Marine Corps, like integrity and hard work, which I apply into the business. And it’s because we do what’s best for our customers that we have been able to reach where we are today,” cites Rittenbach.

Riding on the coattails of such competencies, ACS has become one of the largest veteran-owned firms in California and the second-largest veteran-owned company in the Bay Area. Presently, ACS is looking forward to expanding its services areas to Oregon and Nevada as well. The company is also looking out to leverage leading-edge technologies to support its endeavor. In that regard, they are developing a software application that can impart information and knowledge on roofing systems to their customers. To top it all, ACS is playing a phenomenal role in the sector to reduce the carbon footprint by spurring the implementation of more sustainable and renewable roofing solutions.