Keita Asada, Director, Makoto Gamachi, Managing Director, Junichi Miyamoto, Representative Director, AT Facility Lab
Keita Asada, Director, Makoto Gamachi, Managing Director, Junichi Miyamoto, Representative Director Businesses often incur redundant expenses during relocation, renovation, or office fit-outs by forfeiting valuable construction and demolition materials. However, such materials can be salvaged, recycled, and reused, reducing overall project expense and creating economic opportunities in the related industries. But it’s a process that is easier said than done.

In Japan, for example, general contractors customarily perform construction and demolition (C&D) operations. Designs are often specified by landlords, precluding the businesses that will occupy the space from voicing their opinions or needs. With impending project deadlines, contractors often demolish high-value assets along with the sites or resell materials for surplus profits. This prevents businesses from reducing overhead during their office relocation or renovation. Companies pay remuneration for the demolition while also losing valuable assets due to the lack of accountability. Businesses are also often oblivious to the fact that they own resources that could be recycled, reused, or resold, squandering an opportunity to reduce C&D costs.

Changing this narrative is AT Facility Lab.

The firm offers consultancy services and solutions, empowering businesses to generate the highest value for their assets and minimize waste during demolition procedures by recycling, reusing, and reselling their high-value C&D commodities. “We empower our clients to reduce demolition costs and CO2 emissions by directly connecting them with appropriate demolition contractors for their target building,” says Miyamoto Junichi, Representative Director of AT Facility Labs. As part of the Japan Facility Management Association (JFMA), the company keeps in lockstep with the current trends and updates its clients on changing market conditions, enabling them to keep their C&D strategies updated and generate higher ROI from their recycling and reselling operations.

Multi-faceted Services for Diverse Client Needs

AT Facility Lab has four distinct departments that deal with a myriad of specialized services. The company’s “Restoration Work Institute” offers a one-stop service for restoration operations, including cost negotiation procedures. Its “Demolition Work” Institute renders complete construction management services, allowing clients to manage the quality and cost of their processes and schedule their routine functions. Its “Movable Assets Research” Institute focuses on assessing and purchasing a wide range of idle equipment and redundant fixtures, and replacement of movable assets. In addition, the company has a “Repair Work Institute” that specializes in consultancy services for building refurbishment projects, while ensuring their quality and costs.

We empower our clients to reduce demolition costs and CO2 emissions by directly connecting them with appropriate demolition contractors for their target building

AT Facility Lab conducts demolition operations on behalf of its client across Japan with contractors who fulfill the company’s operational, security, and compliance criteria. It provides comprehensive support to its client in the way of competition preparedness, vendor selection, and execution of C&D processes. It offers proposals from rental agreement perspectives in response to its client restoration work.

AT Facility Lab: The Bridge Between Demolition and Purchasing Industries

The company also reviews those agreements to ensure its clients get the best deals for their projects. AT Facility Lab conducts qualitative and quantitative evaluations of its clients’ equipment, unwanted fixtures, sites, contracts, accident histories, and overall operations. As part of its one-stop service portfolio, it holistically covers all services concerning construction and demolition. The company identifies high-value assets–copper wire, stainless steel, and aluminum parts– and purchases them at the highest possible price, eliminating unnecessary middle-man margins. From a single business desk to dormant petroleum complexes, AT Facility Lab procures all kinds of equipment from clients at a cost-effective price, helping them benefit from resourceful procurement channels. As a result, clients are saved from dealing with multiple service providers–purchasing, waste disposal, transportation, and construction–and act as a one-stop service provider. AT Facility Lab’s experience allows it to offer such comprehensive service in the C&D and associated industries.

Riku Sakuma, Director

Miyamoto Junichi started a recycling business of auto maintenance equipment when he was just 20 years old. He gradually expanded his vendor network into other industries, such as air conditioning facilities and electrical facilities. Inspired to make this network viable across the C&D market and build a strong and comprehensive network of subcontractors, demolition vendors, and purchasing agents, Miyamoto started AT Facility Lab. The company’s clients immensely benefit from the expertise of Miyamoto and his management team as it improves the cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency of their C&D strategies. It is the only brand in Japan that functions as a bridge between the demolition and purchasing sectors. Based on its experiences in thousands of past projects, AT Facility Lab offers its clients a wide range of C&D services that efficiently address their ever-changing needs.

A True Testament of Customer-centricity

Owing to such customer-centric service offerings, numerous industry behemoths have entrusted AT Facility Lab with their C&D operations, speaking highly of its proactive approach towards mitigating their challenges and empowering them to reduce their project expenses. Part of that audience is a world-renowned company that partnered with AT Facility Lab to reduce its demolition costs.

For a long time, the client had acquired C&D expenditure estimates from general contractors and could not efficiently examine the contracts, negotiate prices, and reduce expenses. For one such contract, the general contractor’s estimate of a demolition project neared two billion yen. Realizing that the project needed the guidance of an industry expert to minimize exorbitant costs, the company decided to partner with AT Facility Lab, which thoroughly examined the deal, calculated the appropriate cost, and concluded it could easily be reduced by 25-per cent. AT Facility Lab was also able to identify valuable assets that, in the past, were usually disposed of. The client was now able to monetize them. Observing the multifarious benefits rendered by AT Facility Lab, the client now makes a comprehensive contract with the company as its primary consultant for all demolition and disposal activities.

On numerous occasions, AT Facility Lab has dramatically reduced a client’s project costs by 40-per cent, highlighting the company’s proficiency in demolition consultation. These instances are solid proof of AT Facility Lab’s ability to substantially reduce project expenditure, showcasing why global companies such as FUJIFILM Co., Panasonic Homes Co., Bridgestone Co., and Hitachi Ltd., time and again seek consultation from AT Facility Lab.

AT Facility Lab empowers businesses to save the lion’s share of their demolition costs by recycling and reselling valuable assets. The most noteworthy aspect of the company’s value proposition is its dedication to ensuring environmental sustainability and contributing to global goals on all accounts.

AT Facility Lab abides by the principles of the SGDs and ensures that its clients resell, reuse, or recycle high-market value assets before their office buildings or facilities are demolished or renovated. The company actively contributes to SDG 9, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, by guiding its clients to redevelop their infrastructures sustainably and recycle their scraps.
  • The utilization of recycled materials is quintessential to ensuring responsible production and sustainable urban management, and our operations enable companies to execute that, immensely contributing to SDG 12: responsible consumption and production

“The utilization of recycled materials is quintessential to ensuring responsible production and sustainable urban management, and our operations enable companies to execute that, immensely contributing to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production,” states Miyamoto. By enabling businesses to pivot their C&D material to recyclers or resellers, AT Facility Lab fundamentally empowers them to become environmentally responsible and fulfill their duties toward global goals.

Onkochisin–The Cornerstone of Operations

Hand-in-hand with its environmental sustainability goals, AT Facility Lab firmly upholds the philosophy of “Onkochishin.”

The ancient Japanese proverb translates to “learning from the past.” AT Facility Lab’s strength lies in its ability to effectively use its accumulated know-how from previous client engagements across various industries, without being bound by conventional frameworks. The company successfully addresses the challenges of its current clients. The company routinely conducts an in-depth analysis of each of its engagements, strengthening its expertise in C&D consulting and eliminating any shortcomings. The company aims to increase its brand awareness, transparency, and credibility in the industry by participating in exhibitions, encouraging referrals from clients, and steadily growing its sales.

With a track record of zero illegal dumping and construction accidents, AT Facility Lab is poised to execute the paradigm shift required to transform APAC’s C&D firmament and foster reliability, safety, compliance, and above all, environmental sustainability.